Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Crusing Day 2

Our first full day at Sea was pretty fun as the kids loved finding more things to do on the ship and getting to know the crew better. It shocked them everytime someone knew their name.

After I finished working out I went back to bed for a while which was quite nice, then we all headed to breakfast. Goober decided to go hang out in the Kids Club with his friends and the two littles wanted to swim. While in the kids club Goober made a sweet friend, Quincy, who he literally wanted to spend every waking minute with...and Quincy was a sweet boy, very respectful, always Yes mam and No mam....and he had cool points like a flat top. The two littles worked on their front and back flips in the pool and made new friends who also liked swimming underneath the waterfalls and practicing flips. They wanted us to take videos and pictures of them and the kiddie pool was the perfect depth!

Right after lunch we went to Family Bingo, which was so much fun and I was so glad that Royal Caribbean offered so many family events that everyone loved. We didn't win a thing at Bingo but loved being together. After that Ribbit and I headed off to Cupcake decorating class. SHE WAS SO EXCITED TO LEARN THAT WE WERE DECORATING CHICKEN AND LION CUPCAKES. (In fact, this is what we are doing for her birthday party this year..a painting and cupcake decorating party here at our house..if you know her than you know that those are her two loves!). While we decorated the boys spent some time in the arcade and playing putt putt. The cupcake class was so well done and we made several friends there that the kids played with the rest of the week. Plus the whole class was only $15 bucks for 2 hours, high quality instruction and you got to take home your cupcakes..I was super impressed.

After cupcakes and arcades we NEEDED to swim again. This time Ribbit played with another little girl from Alabama who quickly made sure we knew that she was an Alabama fan, we still let Ribbit play with her :). In fact for the rest of the cruise, anytime this little girl and Ribbit saw each other there was a big hug!!! We spent some time in the hot tub and then decided to all go root Goober on as he took on the rock wall. I must admit that I think very highly of Goober's athletic abilties, as most moms do of their children. Not that he is perfect but at how naturally things come to him. He chose the hardest side of the wall, scaled it, while passing adults on the easier routes, rang the bell and was back down in a matter of biggie :).

The kids wanted to do Dinner that night in the Adventure club instead of dressing up so we dropped them off at 5:45 and headed to the formal dinner alone. Then we went to a comedy show that was pretty funny, but probably not kid appropriate (just topic wise, not language) so we were glad they were enjoying pizza, fries, games and stories! We picked them up around 9, denied their request to stay for just one more hour and headed back to our rooms. They loved to watch the maps on TV to see where we were. They devoured the cupcakes that Ribbit made earlier and everyone drifted off to sleep around 10!

Baby Boy-swimming
Goober-Rock Climbing
Ribbit-Learning flips
Mom-Date with Daddy
Dad-2nd breakfast which consisted of lots of tater tots :)

Hanging out pool side...we did get to lay back some but we also loved getting in the kiddie pool with them and flipping them, throwing the squish balls and letting them swim between our legs. 

Cupcake time!

Finishing up her lion!

And the chicken..check out that toothless grin!

We got them wrapped to share with the boys later on!

I captured his ascent on film..barely had time to take pictures as repelled his way down!

He said "Can I hug you?"

This is what we walked into when we picked up Ribbit, they had a mummy wrapping contest. She and another little boy were about to compete to see who could race the fastest across the room all wrapped up! Ribbit barely won :)

Pictures from several days of meeting Dreamworks characters!

A collage of our swimming time on Day 1

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