Thursday, June 2, 2016

Crusing Day 3

Tuesday was another day at sea for us as we made our way down to Honduras. I woke up and hit the treadmill and watched another beautiful sunrise. I also took advantage of the gym having row machines and did a quick Crossfit workout and some yoga to stretch. We went straight to breakfast and to our surprise Quincy was there and ate with us...again a sweet young man but I could sense that Goober was ready for us to eat and let them get to the Adventure Club, especially since we all were asking Quincy a million questions! So off the two boys went after breakfast and the rest of us headed to the pool. The two littles spent all morning with the friends they had made the day before...Jericho, Skyler and some others. They perfected their flips, we threw the squish ball and made funny gestures when we caught it. They learned to love the slides and Baby Boy's personal favorite was swimming under Mommy's legs without touching them.

After lunch we competed in the Family Crazy Tag tournament which is where we met another sweet family that we continued to hang out with the rest of the trip. Goober donimated Crazy Tag and probably won 1/2 of the 20 rounds we played..MOM EVEN WON A ROUND..I went crazy on those 11 year olds :). The friends of Goober were so sweet and made sure that Baby Boy even "won" a couple of rounds. From there we headed to the ice rink. Mommy is an awful ice skater but Daddy has it going on. So I would stay on the edge and inch my way around with one of the littles while Daddy took the other one for a ride. Goober of course hit the ice and was racing around the whole time on his own, laughing when he fell and looking like a pro. We all lasted the whole 30 minute slot and decided that it was a good thing we live in Texas, with very little ice. From there, Daddy and Goober went to rock climb together and I took the littles back to the pool. We swam and swam until dinner. The kids went with us to the seated dinner that night and they finally got the hang of ordering a little bit of everything, trying it and passing it around to share. After that they wanted to go to the last 2 hours of Adventure Club so we dropped them off and the adults headed to the musical "Saturday Night Fever"..which for a cruise ship musical was very impressive. I got a lot of ideas for sets for our schools next musical! When we went to get the kids at 9:30, Baby Boy was curled up in Muffin's lap getting read to and not one of them wanted to leave! It was close to 10 before everyone fell asleep and we were so excited to wake up in Honduras!

Quincy and Goober at breakfast. I totally understand now why Goober wants all neon clothes, including socks..its a boy thing!

Hanging out with my man, waiting for the bellyflop competition.

Sweet big man watching the water as we waited for our turn to ice skate.

Family pile in the big windows.

Whooshing around with Daddy was soo much fun!

Fast as lightning!

We were "naturals" on the ice....psssshhh

This little guy was sooo tired at dinner and towards the end of our cruise fell asleep in my lap at dinner. That is how most formal dinners went, me holding Baby Boy until his food came....then he perked up when he heard the words "Adventure Club"!

Puss in Boots!

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