Monday, June 6, 2016

Crusing Day 5

First thing first, yesterday was my Big Girl's SALVATION HOMECOMING DAY! She raised her hand at the end of the sermon when our pastor was leading a prayer of salvation. I didn't see her but Adam was peeking :) and nudged me. I leaned down and said "why are you raising your hand" and she said " because I want to be a christian". AWESOME. She told our pastor and our friends right around us immediately after service. Since then we have been busy calling family and letting her tell her good news...that Jesus is going to be her Savior and Lord over her life. We are soooo proud of this little thing. Her big brother said "good things happen in our house when we are 6....I got adopted and Ribbit gave her life to Jesus"! AGREED!

Cruise Day 5
We woke up once again in somewhere new....Costa Maya, Mexico. It was just as beautiful and you see for miles. Costa Maya isn't that close to too many day excursions, at least not for our age kids ..the closest thing was Playa Del Carmen and that was a 45 minute ferry ride away. Fortunately the port was perfect for the day....a walk in pool with fountains and bars. Lots of shops and restaurants and you could watch the dolphin training!

I once again woke up and ran 5 miles while watching the sun rise. We even watched the cruise ship dock which was really neat, and included lots of little ships and lots of people on land helping! On that day I noticed that Baby Boy as a lot of funny sayings like "my shirt is on inside outside" instead of inside out. He also says " I want to wear my topping"...meaning I want to wear a swimsuit that has the swim shirt as well and my favorite is that he calls every blackbird a "scarecrow"!!!!

We got off the ship after breakfast and did some light shopping, watched the dolphins and swam in the pool. The kiddos had a lot of questions about dolphins that I couldn't begin to answer but they enjoyed seeing them interact with people. The kids each chose a souvenir from Costa Maya...and they chose cheap, especially since we agreed to let them do the dolphin encounter. Instead Baby Boy wanted a henna tattoo of a spider, Ribbit wanted three braids with three beads in her hair and Goober choose two knives cut out of stone. He actually wanted a really cool jade and stone knife but we told him it cost too much. I went back and bought it later since his birthday is at the end of this month!

Around lunchtime we got back on the ship and ate lunch. The two littles wanted to swim in the kid park after that and Goober wanted to meet his friends at the kids club. So Adam told me to go shopping in the port by myself and he would watch the two littles! SCORE. I got to peruse every store and bargain my little heart out..I got lots of neat little gifts and made sure that I got the best price possible!!!

That night was another formal dinner and the kids said they would rather go to kids club. So Adam and I went to a nice dinner by ourselves, ate some really good lobster and steak and then went to a fantastic cirque de soleil style show. Then we went to the arcade and tried really hard to win a GoPro out of the machines..hehe, that was funny. We picked up the kids, denied their request to stay longer and went to bed :).

Favorites -
Ribbit-picture with the jaguar statue
Baby Boy-same as sister
Goober-getting his two knives
Dad-watching mommy shop by herself from the cruise ship deck :)
Mommy-haggling and getting Goober a special birthday gift!

No body wanted to stand in the hot sun long enough with me to take this I took a selfie...there...Osta Maya :).

Formal dinner with my hunk and LOBSTER!!!


Tribe night at kids club...and now the theme for his 12th birthday party...TRIBAL TOURNAMENTS!

A collage of our 3-4 hours in the port...sings, statues, tattoos and hair dos!

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