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Saturday, May 23, 2015

What I Ate

I know there is a common belief that people who lose weight must not eat...NOT TRUE!!!

I find that I eat more and more often than I did before I begin this health journey. The only difference is the nutritional value and calorie count of the food I eat. Like I have said before I think twice before eating something that may taste good but will leave me hungry again 30 minutes later.

I eat about every 2 hours, 150-200 calories, all day long ;). My meals may get up to around 300-400 calories but more than that and  I feel uncomfortably full and sloth like. I plan on doing a whole other post on eating for your blood type but as I started researching it more, for my blood type, A positive, this type of eating, 6-7 small meals a day is strongly encouraged!!

So I documented everything I ate in one day to show you how much GOOD TASTING FOOD I CONSUME!!!...and to maybe give you some ideas of low calorie snacks!! This was on a Friday, so these are all quickly prepared, and even an eat out option for meals!

I also spent 50 minutes lifting weights first thing this I WAS HUNGRY ALL DAY long..lifting weights speeds up your metabolism like crazy, especially if you aren't allowing yourself long breaks between reps and are lifting enough to make sure the last 3 lifts are crazy hard!!

First breakfast right after working out...
Thomas Light Whole Grain English Muffins. 100 cals.
Baby Spinash, 1 cup...7 cals.
Laughing Cow Light spreadable cheese, Spicy Pepperjack flavor, 35 cals.
Egg Whites, 6 tbsp. 50 cals.

One of my favorite meals!!! Total of 193 calories
 2nd breakfast...which I have EVERY DAY...even on days that I don't work out!
Cut up apples..Pink Cripps from Sams...80 cals
Just great Chocolate flavored Peanut Butter Powder...45 cals.
I love this dessert like breakfast..Sometimes I throw in Steel Cut Oats as well. Without the oatmeal this is about 125 cals, with oats its at 275 cals.
Snack around 11..Juiced Watermelon and Mint..YUMMY!!! This would be a great start to a summertime cocktail too!!! Our mint has literally taken over our flower bed so I am incorporating it into anything I can!
Watermelon..1 cup is 71 cals.
Total is 71 cals...SO YUMMY!. I love my nutribullet!

Noon lunch with the kiddos..Their choice was McDonalds to celebrate the last 1/2 day of school. I went through the Chick Fil A drive thru on the way there since I was craving their wraps! I almost forgot to take a picture before I woofed this whole thing down!! Its sooo tasty! This is one of those healthy options though that gets unhealthy really quick if you slather on their spicy sauce or avocado lime dressing. Its amazing how healthy certain things sound but are really full of calories and unhealthy fats. I love to eat these with plain mustard...which comes in at zero calories!
Chick Fil A Cool Wrap is 340 calories

After lunch we went to a park so the kids could run around and use the 30 minutes of sunshine that was predicted. Seriously we get about 30 mins a day and the rest is miserable rain and wind ....all of the lakes here are currently flooded! I worked up an appetite and so around 3 I ate 3 cups of Boom Chicka Pop...its 35 calories a cup so I was at 105 for this tasty salty snack!
I always find this the cheapest at Target, using my Target cartwheel coupons. They have other flavors too but I like this one the best.
We had breakfast for dinner that night. The kids had their blueberry waffles and fruit and I had these Special K Redberry waffles that ARE DELICIOUS! I put about 1 tbsp of sugar free syrup on each and then added more sweetness with a bite of banana to each forkful! They are 150 calories for 2 waffles and my banana is around 90 calories.
SUPER YUM!!! I like to put PB2 on these, as well as strawberries!
 DESSERT....Yup, I have dessert almost every night. My desserts used to look a lot like Ice Cream, cookie dough, cookies, candy or brownies...or yes, my love, swiss cake rolls.
Now dessert looks like Dannon Light Greek Yogurt Banana Flavor for 80 calories, mixed with Cocoa Almonds which are SOO dagum good and super filling!!! I ate about 24 of those which comes in at 160 calories. I also added in some no calorie, no sugar Walden Farms Caramel syrup!!! YUMMY
Total for dessert is 240 calories.
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I also had about 1.5 tbsp of Half and Half in my coffee that morning which added 30 calories as well.

Total for my day was...

Breakfast..347 Calories
Lunch..340 Calories
Dinner...227 Calories
Snacks, including watermelon smoothie, popcorn and dessert... 345

Total was 1259 at the end of the day. I try to always eat at least 1400 to maintain my weight. If I get to the end of the day and haven't met my Fiber/Protein goals then I eat a late night snack that normally holds me through my morning workout. That night I ate 2 Whole Wheat Matzahs to bump up my Fiber count and that finished me off at 1459 for the day!!!

What low calorie, nutritional, filling food have you found and loved?

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