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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Take me out to the ballgame...

One of Adam's contractors gave us his seats for a Rangers game two weeks ago. Even though the Rangers aren't having a great season we were still excited to have front row, by the first base line seats! The kids were stoked since the week before they had been left with a babysitter while Adam and I watched a Ranger game from a suite with friends...parents have all the fun! :).

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We got there early in order to get autographs, hopefully catch some balls from hitting practice and watch them warm up!

Getting an autograph from one of the pitchers.

My favorite picture of the night. We took this to send to Uncle Tis to show him how close we were. He wrote back, "wow, Ribbit is super interested ":). I didn't even notice her checking out her belly button before he pointed it out:).

Getting autographs from Captain. The littles were scared of him at first...I mean he had just tried to eat another little kid in the audience.

A sweet man insisted on taking our picture for us after watching our many selfie attempts!
As the game started our stomachs started growling. I had packed LOTS OF FOOD knowing that we would be there a loonngg time and wanting to spend as little as possible. In fact, we walked away spending ZERO!!! Our parking and seats were paid for and we ended up not buying any extra food or drink! What a blessing!
I tried to keep the littles as entertained as possible so that Dad and Goober could watch for foul balls and try to catch them! You can see Adam with his glove on behind Ribbit in this picture. Therefore, the two littles and I played a game with their animal cookies, I would close my eyes while they dug out an animal and then we would race to see who could guess it correctly first. In all honesty I wasn't sure on half of the so we just made executive decisions.

Goober kept his glove on the whole night too...and for the most part it had his autographed ball in it :). He promised his siblings that if a ball came our way, and some did, that he would yell duck and then try to catch it :). Tootsie pops also  made their way into our snack bags :)...Along with crackers, cheese, turkey, peanuts and oranges.

He wasn't too sure about his animal crackers at first...until he ate one!!

Apparently Ribbit got the chills while they were going to town on their lollipops :). 

The funniest part of the night was when the kiddos realized that each player had an intro song. They would wait and listen for it and then bust a move during the song. It was quite entertaining. Ribbit loved jamming out to the air guitar challenge and we raised the roof everytime the Rangers did well!!!

We left at the bottom of the 7th. It was 9:00 which is past every ones bed time except Daddy :). The kids were out before we ever hit the interstate :). GREAT FAMILY FUN NIGHT!!

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