Wednesday, May 20, 2015

End of School Wrap Up

Since tomorrow is my last day of inservice I thought I would wrap up our end of year activities.

The kiddos also had their art displayed at Gallery night. They are always excited to bring home their work at the end of the year and we decide what will be framed and hung up in the playroom.
 Big Man is pointing to his piece in the class's tribute to Louise Nevelson....a famous female assemblage artist.
 We fell in love with Ribbit's ceramic piece. She really wants to drink out of it but I know it will cause fading and isn't 100% safe!
 I love how Ribbit is looking up at her daddy in this picture. Her hands are the ones on the bottom row, a frame worthy piece for sure!

Big Man's ceramic coffee cup .
Next are several pictures from our Fine Arts Award Night. We give out awards for Service, Spirits, Honor and Merit. We also have a T-shirt contest amongst our students. Two of my printmaking students won this year for their sikscreen designs! This is Hannah who won first and then it  was made into our official Fine Art shirt for the year. The second place winner had his design on our program.

4th grade always ends their year with a Medieval Feast. The students study this era for the last quarter of the school year. They are put into clans, design crest and then are knighted by our headmaster.
 Why yes I did run out and buy Big Man his cape the day before the feast in my planning period.....someone forgot to give mom the paper with details about dressing up :). Everything else we luckily had in our dress up stash!
 I love that their teachers give them their knight names. He was knighted "Goober the Just".....YES, YES, God has been just in all of our childrens lives...and YES, YES being just is a huge part of Goober's character..which is why he is brought to tears when someone cheats or when he doesn't feel like he is being treated fairly!

A real treat...Both parents got to join Goober the Just for a medieval themed picnic on blankets in the cafeteria (the football field was muddy from thunderstorms the night before). We had beef jerky, cheese sticks, fruit and rice cakes..just like back then :) 
Later on that week Adam and I went to Bennetts Bash, a benefit dinner to raise money to help find a cure for cancer. It was in honor of our friends grandson who died last Christmas due to a rare form of cancer. That night alone 100,000 was raised!!!! Adam did his part, he secretly won me my mothers day present...a new Vera Bradley bag with matching make up case..I was clueless the whole time!!

Look at these sweet 1st day and last day of school photos!! Goober immediately noticed that they are both happier in the last day of school photo!
 I  was very honored to be recognized for the 3rd year in a row as a Master Teacher. It really is a blessing to get paid for doing what I love to do, art...and teaching something that I! My 3 little munchkins were all there to see me and cheer me on!
 Finally was Ribbit's kindergarten program. We have decided that she will repeat kindergarten again, which she took rather well....she is actually excited and as Adam told her "she gets to be the leader"!
 Look at that smile!!! She wanted to wear her sparkly pink dress and a big ole bow!!
 She stood straight and tall for pictures at the end of the program. Her part was to lead us in the Christian Flag Pledge...she did great!
 Celebrating the end of the year with FANCY YOGURT PARFAITS!!! My kids love yogurt and fruit for either breakfast or dessert!
So now we are getting used to our summer schedule...which will kick off on Thursday with a surprise staycation to Great Wolf Lodge!!!  This has really been a trying year....We honestly didn't know if Goober would make it through 4h grade without constant counseling and discipline, .... Ribbit is repeating kindergarten (which isn't a huge deal at all),.... Big Boy went from his sitter to a stay at home nanny then back to his sitter. We also went through a lot of changes in our jobs and titles at school. We got serious about our health and we started adding in exercise and weights to our already crazy routine. I am so thankful that God has been faithful to us, and I pray that we remain faithful to Him.

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