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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Perfect Pantry

If you didn't already know, my husband is a remodel for real.

When he mentioned that he could bust through the walls of our kitchen, put in a pocket door, take part of HIS garage space away and give me the pantry of my dreams I was elated. Not only was he willing to give me more storage in the kitchen but he was willing to give up some of his man space.
Top cabinets gone and the first bit of demo being started!
Therefore while the two littles and I drove to Alabama over Spring Break for my brothers wedding shower, he and Goober got busy. They busted out cabinets, put up new walls, painted and added in the pocket door.
Planning out just how much space he would give up in the garage :)
THEN, WAIT FOR IT....Adam took me to The Container Store and showed me the pantry  he had already designed using the Elfa storage system..which I am a huge fan of as my whole art room is decked out in their shelving, drawer systems and hanging spaces.
Right side

Left side
What you see from can also see a small sliver of white pocket door.
I did what any good artsy fartsy wife would do and scrapped that plan so I could make my own. Do you know that after 30 minutes of looking at options and thinking about the best utilization of space I reverted back to Adam's original plan :). He is like a Tetris master, making things fit into spaces that you never thought possible...this is especially handy when we travel and pack up 1/2 of our home.

My attempt to take a panoramic of the whole pantry!..You can't see the very bottom or very top but you can still get a taste of its awesomeness!

So here is the semi final pantry. I added in some cute chalkboard labels and baskets for extra organization. All that is left is flooring, which we are steadily working on.

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