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Friday, May 1, 2015

Fitness Friday-making it a lifestyle

Its been said 1000 times before that diets don't work....and they don't.

You may lose 10lbs but the minute you stop upholding to the rules of that diet you gain it back or you stop losing, probably never reaching your goals.

Being healthy, not being skinny, is a lifestyle. Its just part of you. It not the low carb fad or the no sugar fad..its just who you are, your whole outlook on food and exercise.

I will admit that the Advocare 24 Day Challenge helped me to kick start my health journey but after that I was on my own. It did reteach me what healthy looks like. but everything else has been out of my own ambition to be healthy......what a serving looks many calories I need over what I want.

If you cut out all carbs or all sugars or all trans fats then you are depriving yourself and thats not really how I want to live, since this is a lifestyle. That is why I count calories, not that every calorie I inhale is healthy but I have learned what food is worth their calories and what foods will leave me hungry 1 hour later.

Exercise also has to be built into your lifestyle or you will never reach your goals. I choose to get up every weekday morning, despite every ounce of my body yelling at me to stay in bed. Therefore I get everything done before 8:00 at night so that once my kids are in bed I start heading that way as well. That looks like a lot of prep from the time I get home to the time I put my kids to bed but its worth it. It means that lunches are packed, clothes ready, homework done, planners signed off on, dishes done and suppers that don't take too terribly long. It means that if we say yes to a Rangers Game that I may be tired the next day but the reward is so stinkin sweet.

Hiking with the kiddos!

Exercising not only means I feel great about myself but I can physically do just about anything I put my mind too...including hard core play with my kids, marathons, lifting weights, showing my kids how to paddle boat, how to sprint, how to do pull-ups. I love it when my kids talk about healthy foods and want to exercise with me.

Since being healthy is a lifestyle I made sure to pack all of my shoes for our Oklahoma vacation. I packed my weightlifting shoes incase there was a gym. I packed my old running shoes for any dirty hiking and I packed my current running shoes for a long run. I used 2 of the 3 pairs and loved that I was prepared and ready to sweat.
You might be a runner if this is what you check to make sure you have packed at least 3 times!

Over the weekend I took a 3 mile run around the State Park, which was beautiful!!! We rented a paddle boat for an hour and that was a killer thigh work out, not to mention it made us all super hungry for lunch. I took my kids on an hour long hike through the woods, around a marina, down some cliffs.....all of which this time last year I would have been able to do but much slower and begrudgingly...unable to enjoy the time with my family and only focused on the pain or uncomfortableness I was feeling.

Paddle boating, feel the burn, especially when you are going against the current!


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