Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fitness Friday-Family Workout

Now that we are out for summer I have had to alter my workout schedule. So far, so good.

We found a trampoline and a treadmill on Craigslist for NOTHING..and both look and feel brand new!!! Soooo, I no longer have to wake up at 4:45 to get in my long runs. Nope I can get up at 5:15ish, head into the play room, turn on my favorite Food Network show :) (running while watching a cooking show is the best thing ever) and get my run on!!! If the kids wake up they just know to come in and sit on the day bed beside me or play in their pop up tents. If Adam is awake he can get them started on breakfast.

On Sundays we take the kids to the weight room with us where they eat breakfast, watch the "diggers" excavate the fields behind the house where our current weight room is, and watch cartoons.

On other days though we do FAMILY WORKOUT...its probably my favorite exercise time. I never knew that the kids would like it as much as they do but now they constantly ask for it.

We normally start our workouts with kiddos playing basketball or football in the gym while I do 15-20 minutes of running stairs. Stairs is a great cardio/ab workout and I like getting my heartrate soaring with a HILT workout at least 2 to 3 times a week.

Then we get started on our Family circuit. We alter between a cardio exercise and a bodyweight exercise. After I explained the difference between the two they seemed to get it without too much more correction..but then again Ribbit almost always chooses to do 10 Burpees and Baby Boy almost always chooses to run 2 laps around the gym, as long as we are moving and having fun I don't care!

I have been so impressed with their endurance too. What I expected to last 10 minutes tops turns into a 30-45 minute workout where I am stopping them to drink water and saying "ok, I have soaked through my clothes, time to head home!!". The funniest thing from our first work out was hearing them comment on how "sweaty" they were. Ribbit was completely disgusted and was constantly wiping the sweat off of her. Baby Boy was impressed with how red his face was and wanted to "wook at myself in the mirra" and show everyone. Big Man just wanted to beat mom in every sprint/ karaoke, sumo squat, etc, exercise and that was great for me to keep my heartrate up!

Getting ready for our full day including baseball games and workouts. Ribbit said " look mommy, we have the same hairs and workout clothes!"

They love doing planks and pushups! Yes, Baby Boy does have on a cape :)

High knee skips up and down the gym!

Check out that hair!!

Side planks..check out Ribbits form!

Sumo squats up and down the gym. They love this exercise because we yell STOMP 1, STOMP 2. 

 I also use every excuse I get to incorporate counting and ABCS into our exercise routines. So they must count outloud every exercise and sometimes we go all the way to 40!! We also do exercises in alphabetical order which is fun for them and entertaining for mom!

Super sweaty, red faces and shocked that we had been at it for 1 hour!!!

I love love love that my littles are loving exercise as much as we do....I love that I have summer off to hang out with them and hopefully inspire/encourage them to take ownership of their life and make good if we could just stay away from Braums and that delicious sugar free frozen yogurt!!!!...but then again what is summer without ice cream..YUM!!

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