Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Peach Pickin--A few of my favorite things...

After CCA's musical each year I am left with songs stuck in my head until the next year....its kinda like VBS...you learn all of those songs, buy the CD and sing them for a year until the next VBS.

This years musical was Sound of Music and since I am so heavily involved my kids and I hear the songs A LOT. My little Ribbit has been proving to us just how stinking smart she is lately....for instance I had my iRadio on the Disney channel the other day while we were doing Family Workout and Julie Andrews was singing "Spoonful of Sugar" from Mary Poppins. Ribbit stopped in her tracks and said " that is the same lady who sings Favorite Things"...WOW!! Great connection Big Girl!!! Another instance was when she was watching the news with me the other morning and correctly pointed at the carved stone presidents while saying "there is Mount Rushmore mommy" as she pointed to the TV. 

One of my favorite things lately has been Baby Boys attempts to make us understand what he is saying. A lot of times if he is mispronouncing something Ribbit will help him out by breaking the word down and having him repeat her...for example "EL A VA TOR"...even though they both will still call it an alligator if they are talking quickly. Well Baby Boy now applies this to everyone who doesn't automatically understand him, except he thinks everything starts with a KA sound.

Baby Boy "Mommy, can I have a valj;uiasu"
Mommy "What do you want?"
Baby Boy in a very slow voice as he stares me down.."mommy say this, ka   ka    ka     valj;uiasu"

My Goober has become my favorite kitchen helper! He loves to help me cook dinner, cut veggies, break eggs, stir, microwave items, etc. He even has started to unload and load the dishwasher all by himself!!!!! His new favorite thing to do is solve Rubik's cubes and read about them on the ipad with mom or dad sitting close by. I think its a fad for all kids right now because in the last few weeks of school before summer break all the teachers were threatening demerits if they saw one more rubiks's cube out during instruction! I never knew there were so many kinds!!!

So now to a few of my favorite things,....foods and beauty products.

Banana Muffins....made with egg whites, Powdered Chocolate Peanut Butter, Baking Soda/Powder/ Cinnamon, Dark chocolate, bananas, Coconut Flour and some Light Agave Nectar.

These came in around 92 calories a piece, the whole batter made 10 muffins. Next time I am going to add some Cheerios for crunch!

My favorite skin lotion. I started using it after having a facial at my favorite spa where she rubbed orange scented lotion packed with Vitamin C all over my face at the end. I smelled it the rest of that day and through the night. I loved how fresh it smelled and after looking up the benefits of Vitamin C for our skin I was hooked. I found this Avalon Organic Vitamin C Renewal lotion at Target and have been slathering it on every day ever since.

I love all things coconut, ALL THINGS!!! This new bai flavor is pretty fantastic with only 10 calories per bottle. My only negative is that it has sucralose in it so I only drink 1-2 a month to avoid headaches.

I didn't think it was possible but I found a powdered peanut butter that taste better than PB2....and its CHOCOLATE FLAVOR. I found this at Sprouts and have enjoyed it on apples, bananas, in smoothies, mixed into yogurt, on toast, on matzah or as a substitute for peanut butter in recipes (just like banana muffins from above). Its actually very rich and satisfies this chocoholic!!

Plantains....YUM! I started buying these from our local 99cent store and found them to be extremely filling! I cook them with  a little bit of light agave nectar on top or with my no sugar syrup for breakfast or dessert!! They are super high in fiber and go great in oatmeal as well! My kids aren't convinced just yet :).   

What are some of your favorites eats/beauty products?

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