Thursday, May 28, 2015

Belly Dancing

WHAT ON EARTH? Have I lost my mind?


One of my very best teaching buddies had us over for an end of the year party, MEDITERRANEAN STYLE!!! (the teachers call it, THANK THE LORD WE MADE IT OUT ALIVE PARTY)

Anyways, she had everything catered by Medi Cafe, a local restaurant that is on mine and Adam's top 10 list. They have awesome hummus, swarma, lamb, salmon, lemon orzo soup...heck, their green beans are FANTASTIC. We enjoyed macaroons, date rolls, dolmas, turkey rolls and other fun food as well that night.

The entertainment came in the form of a bellydancer. My hosting friend takes bellydance lessons and won a free party for friends with Sarephena!!!! I have to admit that I was really skeptical but went knowing that anytime I get to hang out with my teaching friends is a fun time.

Sarephena pulled us all out onto the dance floor, gave us fabric, fans, skirts, KNIVES and we had soooo much fun. We were throwing in some kicklines, country line dancing, two stepping, high school dancing (what we remember from high school ) and anything that we could do in our dance circle. It was lots of fun to get up and move and just celebrate another year of teaching.

Right at the beginning of the party we got a text from a student saying that they are coming back to CCA next year...WE SENT THIS BACK :).

Go Steph!!! Big Fans!

My sweet friend, Beth.

Our long time friend, and former landlord, Cindy!

All the ladies lined up with Serephena....I chose to wear the sword on my head :). that thing was heavy!!

Learning how to move my hips while balancing  a semi heavy sword on my head. This looks so much easier than it really is!!

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