Thursday, September 8, 2011


It looks like its going to be another exciting, make your heart stop year of Auburn Football. Goober played off of our emotions the whole game and would get real excited after every touchdown. He would run over to Adam and Adam would throw him in the air several times. When they were down (most of the game) he would say things that he heard us say and pace back in forth in the living room. It was quite comical.
Anyways, I have been wanting to get pictures taken in the kids AU gear for some time now. Monday was beautiful and we were all off so we ran up to Adam's school for an improv photo shoot. Ribbit was happy for .25% of the time and Goob kept getting frustrated at how poorly he was kicking....needless to say I was shocked at the quantity of good pictures we actually got!
I will share a handful of them every night until I share them all......I have been experiencing some tooth pain (not like anything I've had before) so I am off to spend the night searching for a local dentist who won't break the bank.

catching the ball with Dad

Love this victory shot!

Now who would't want to pick her up and squeeze her?

Down, set, hike!

Running to get Mommy

Swinging her arms while she runs.

Adam has started to call her "pudges" idea why :)

Goob wanted Dad to throw it long!

Good lean there Dad

Do you see how HAPPY Goob is?

By the way, Ribbiti is so funny...if I didn't know any better I'd swear that she had seen every episode of The Waltons....she is listing off her goodnights while lying in her bed...nigh nigh Brother, nigh nigh Mommy, nigh nigh Daddy, nigh nigh monkey, nigh nigh pawpaw, nigh nigh ribbit. :)

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