Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Best Behavior

Goober is on a roll!!
He has been saying "yes mam and yes sir" to almost everything for the last three days. He hasn't been fussing when we ask him to do something and he has willingly gone to bed without asking for 5 more minutes every night. His phone manners are improving and he is sooo eager to talk to his family. We are still working on skyping skills but most of the time he does okay. Sunday at church our pastor opened the altar for prayer and Adam went down....Goob without any hesitation went down with him. Adam's face was glowing when they walked back together. He has been including several other people in his prayers and asking that Ribbit can love Jesus when she gets bigger :). We have been talking almost every morning on the way to school about how Jesus can live in our heart and change our outside attitude too. He has a friend who is getting baptized soon and she invited him to come see...i think he is eager to see it and I hope we can go. One of the other teachers told me that during Grammar School Chapel Goob sits in the front row and sometimes answer questions...AWESOME!!!
Tonight he told us that the 8 months he has been with us have been the longest he was ever with a family and that he wanted to stay with us for 10 hundred million more years. He said when we get old he will sleep with us and take care of us and still live with us :). He keeps asking me if I would rather him be an army man or a football players. I keep saying " neither, I want you to live with me!!"

Now about Ribbit, well she is Ribbit and even though she is cute as anything she is a 2 year old. She is definitely doing her own thing and getting lots of redirection and love taps :). In Target the other day I asked her to sit down in the cart at least 50 times.....finally the last time she stood up really fast, slapped her hand and said " you gotta sit down" and then sat down all on her own ......and then burst out into hysterical laughter. I mean how do you discipline that kinda cuteness?
She is getting better at potty training....she poo pooed in the potty this morning and proudly wore the sticker Adam gave her all day!

Here are some pictures of my students with the kids from the social the other night!
Sophie and Benta-two of my girls from last year.

Chelsea and Brynlee-two of my sweet girls from this year...Brynlee is the one Goober was referring to when he said " Mom I like that dark girl!"...hehe

Chelsea loved on Ribbit all night! Chelsea's mom also teaches at our school!

Goober and his friend Braxton, one of my sweet boys this year and a fellow teacher's kid!

Goob and his 14th sucker and 114th piggy back ride..notice he is wearing his "muscle shirt"..I am no longer allowed to call them tank tops!

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