Friday, September 2, 2011


I am so so so sorry. I had no idea that our readers got these posts as emails and then responded back to them...i mean no bleach blonde no clue.
I thought everyone just went to like I do and just read it at their leisure.
I have been reading comments and emails from folks that date back to our first Israel Trip. I just love love getting all of your advice, encouragement and funny sides.
Instead of responding to everyone I wanted to show my love for you on here!

Mrs. Johnt, you are a priceless mentor to me and your encouraging, thoughtful, advice filled emails are the best. I couldn't have asked for a better friend and teacher. I can sense your joy for our adoption and as a true sister in Christ I can tell that you weep as I weep and rejoice with us as we rejoice. I love you. I pray for Alaina daily.

Nana Harvell, I wish we lived closer so I could hear your good Southern charm everyday. I loved reading all about your garden and having to build an ark because of the weather...wish I would have read it when it was sent :). We love you.

Mrs. Hill, I GOT were right. I thought you were talking crazy when you said you emailed me back but you weren't!!! I am the crazy, took me less than 1 second to admit that! Thank you for keeping us updated on Auburn events. You are still taking care of me as my Auburn momma!!

Aunt Robin, thank you for sending me emails just to remind me of how proud you are of me. You have always been an extremely loving and "normal" :) constant in my life. Thank you for spoiling me to death as a little girl and for always building me up! My whole family think so highly of you and we are blessed to have you in our lives.

Sue, I'm so sorry we didn't get the emails about your computer crashing but we would have updated you if we would have known. I am glad you enjoy getting the emails. We wanted to come see you this summer but it never worked out. See you at the October wedding? Love you.

Kim, your emails crack me up. Austin can Drive????HOLY COW!!!  I am glad that you are still enjoying life, loving your kids, sending out viruses through email ...hahahahha.. Just saw that one. We do plan on coming to Auburn this Thanksgiving...we will call you!

To everyone else who has replied to me, again I am sorry. I do plan on checking that email account now and actually emailing you back. Adam actually just admitted to me that he knew about it and thought I did too. Apparently I had to create the email account to even set up the blog.....he rolled his eyes and called me "special".

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