Thursday, September 22, 2011


Goober blew us away at tonight's family devotion. He pretty much took over and told us the Creation story as if he was reading it straight from the bible, not forgetting one small detail. He even got to the part where God asks Adam and Eve to come out and they don't because they have realized they are naked without giggling or smiling. Then Adam asked him " What does it mean that we are made in God's image?" and without missing a beat he said " We don't look like him but we have love in our heart like him". Adam and I just kept looking at each other in disbelief, not because we don't think he is smart but because we aren't always sure that he is paying attention during devotional or church....but HOT DOG he is!!!!!
It got even better when he noticed something new on the dining room table. Goober ran over to it and immediately said " MY BIBLECASE". He has been asking for one for about two months now and we were waiting for a spurt of good behavior to reward. Adam got it for him yesterday and its perfect. It' black and white camo and Adam told him its because he is in the Lord's Army. It also has a compass on the zipper and that blew Goober's mind....he has been asking for one of those too! After dinner he put his bible in, his copy of his new testament, 4 pieces of paper and three pencils in it. Then he took it to bed with him!!!!
I am just thrilled to death that he loves getting those kinds of presents and that he is taking an interest in the bible.

Here is a video of Goob and one of my students playing at school.

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