Monday, September 12, 2011

Uncle Chris

We had such a great weekend with Uncle Chris! The kids went Uncle Chris crazy and wanted nothing to do with mommy and daddy. Friday, we let Goober stay home from school and Chris took him to Main Event...they played arcade games and then bowled and also ate at McDonalds. To top it off Chris took him to Coldstone afterwards....Goob was in heaven. That night we surprised everyone, including Uncle Chris with front row tickets to the Rangers vs. Athletics game. We even got Uncle Chris a Ranger T Shirt. That was a lot of fun and Ribbit did quite well, considering she was up 3 hours past her bedtime. She found a granddad there that fell in love with her and fed her peanuts and hugs all night. The biggest struggle we had was over who got to sit in Uncle Chris's lap and who got the seat beside him :).
Saturday we watched the Auburn game...which again caused several health problems and then went to an Archaeology party at Adam's professors house. The kids had lots of fun there and Chris got a taste of seminary life. The funniest part was when everyone was quiet listening to one of the professors speak and Ribbit was spinning on the trampoline shouting " Thank you my Goober (insert real name)" over and over...I was in tears from laughing. When I finally told her to be quiet she switched to " Welcome my Goober" was priceless.
Today we went to church and then all crashed. We took Uncle Chris to the airport where I cried..I just love him soo much. I mean I don't know too many 19 year old boys who would ask for a trip to come see his nephew and niece as his only birthday present....and then put up with the both of them all weekend long with a smile on his face. He's just a great christian guy and is very in tune with what God wants for his life.
I asked Goober why he didn't cry at the airport (we normally suffer large meltdowns when leaving family) and he said " i get to see him for one whole week in two months, beat that:)".
Goober also gave Uncle Chris some pretty solid advice while he was here. He told him "Bake a chicken, glue eyes to it and then practice kissing it before you get married"...He also let him know that Elvis, our cat, is a vegetarian....and the best question of the weekend was " mom, if you are older why is Uncle Chris taller and doesn't have arm jiggle like you?"....what a sweetheart :).
I am praying my brother home right now as he is flying on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and I have to admit we were all a little paranoid.

I'll post pictures of our adventures from our adventures after I upload them are some more of our Auburn shoot.
Ribbit and her "killy" from Mr. Ross

They weren't into sitting down and staying still :)

Ribbit figured out that shaking these were fun.

I like this face...its his "mom, really?" face.

I mean if that ain't good form, nothin is!

Can I stop taking pictures now?

Dad intervened and got the giggles going again.

Daddy love.

Ribbit thought she was big stuff carrying the ball around.

Always talking...ALWAYS :)

Going for the catch!

Tackled by Dad.

We tried really hard to get a family shot...this is as close as we got in this position...Goober thought that having the football show AU was more important than seeing his face.

We tried something you can tell Goober is now completely set on getting that dagum football to point the right way :)

A new shot..yay they are both smiling...just not both looking at the camera.

Then action shots...I love it!!

Mommy and Ribbit snuck in on Goober's awesome moves!

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