Sunday, August 25, 2013

Still kickin...

We are alive...barely.

School, especially volleyball is kickin our butt. There have been early mornings where all 3 kids were crying over one thing or another and I wanted to just quit and stay home and snuggle with them all day..but this is literally just a season in our life..we will adjust.

We do love having our Daddy at our school. Goober always waves when he sees him on campus and he has been able to walk Ribbit down for boxtop treats..its pretty awesome when at least two days a week both your mommy and daddy get to walk you to class.

Baby boy has been teething which has meant some 4:00 mornings and many night of "sleeping" with mommy and daddy.

To top things off we have been slowly getting everyone settled in their new rooms. We bought paint today and looks like we are going to have one colorful house :).

Today was quite tryouts, birthday party, grocery shopping, preparation of 3 meals, desserts and some lunches for the week, more remodeling work done on 2nd bathroom, dinner at home and some cleaning up!!!

Oh, and today BABY BOY turns 18 months old!!!!He cracks me up with his jumpy run as his curls bop everywhere, his constant dinosaur roaring, his train "choo choo" and contagious laugh!!!

Here is a video of the kids dancing with Gramps!

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