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Monday, August 19, 2013

Flip Flop

We spent the majority of our weekend flip flopping the kids bedrooms. Adam has already started remodeling the bathroom connected to what was the guest room so when a sweet school family gave us a brand new bedroom set for Goober we went for it.
    Soooo, Goober stayed in his old room but got new bunk beds----bed on top and Adam is putting in a hammock underneath! He also got a new solid wood dresser and bookshelves. We re-configured his room, put up new curtains and decided on a new paint color and theme (dark blue, gray and orange)...HE IS STOKED!
   Ribbit got moved into the bedroom with the attached bathroom (under construction) and got the old guest full bed, along with the 2 closets in there and a lot more space. We are pretty sure its going to get painted pink with some sort of white stenciling on the main wall where her bed is.
   Baby Boy moved into Ribbit's old bedroom and inherited Goobers old bunkbed..just the bottom twin frame with a railing (for when he is a little bit older). He also got a new toybench with a seat on top, dresser, rug and curtains. We are leaning towards a train/cars/truck theme...all primary colors with mommy doing some custom painting in there.
   All we have to do now is wait for Daddy to finish the bathroom...since he took out 1/2 of a closet to enlarge it. Then we will switch out all the closets and put in new shelves and then of course PAINT!!!

Friday I came home from school with a migraine and had it when I got up on Saturday too...however, when I finally stumbled out at 9:00 I saw the sweetest sight. The kids and Adam were all in the playroom together and the kiddos were sitting on the trampoline. Adam was behind the puppet stage putting on a show about a king who spoke about God to his wife every day. The kids were watching intently but Ribbit kept saying something about a dragon..who knows...regardless it made my heart melt. Later on that day Adam took the two littles to a birthday party (more points for Daddy) and me and Goober stayed home. We ended up watching the X Games and since then he has been setting up all kinds of ramps outside and attempting to fly over them on his far he has escaped with only a blister and small cut on his ankle.....I guess we better invest in elbow and knees pads as well :).
Check out this sweet video of Goober worshiping with his friends at VBS!!

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