Friday, August 2, 2013

Bucket List

We are slowly checking things off of our summer bucket list....good thing since In-service starts Monday and we go "back to life, back to reality".
Soooo.....we drove to Dallas today to grab our Circus vouchers really that were given to us by a sweet school family....and we went to the local waterpark. This waterpark isn't your normal "Marathon Waterpark"....where you pack everything you may need since you have to stay all day to make up for the amount you just paid. It's small, you can see every thing from everywhere and for residents of our city its super cheap. So we invited a friend for Goober (momma has to stay in the kiddie area and he gets bummed buddy system makes it safe for him to go do the "big kid" things without me) and off we went.
I planned on staying in the toddler area the whole time but Ribbit and Baby Boy had different plans. They were ready for the BIG KID AREA...and they did great. They had their floaties on and did great at keeping their heads above the water and out of the spray and misters. Baby Boy pretty much lunged and jumped his way through the water and I followed. Ribbit followed close behind me spouting off what kind of baby animal she had just morphed into and how beautiful she had become....for example, " mommy, look at your beautiful baby unicorn cracking out of its egg...2 seconds....mommy, now I am a beautiful fluffly pink baby bunny and I bounce and you will say "look at my baby bunny coming out of the egg"...2 seconds....mommy, I love being a fairy princess sea horse with pink polka dots and wings." It takes an advil or 5 to keep me from going insane on days like today :).

Best part is...Baby Boy only napped 20 minutes after all that....Really?...come on, don't I at least get half an hour after all that? Oh well, it was enough for a shower and to get the mini cooler cleaned out :).

More catch up from summer pictures ...

After many attempts and many distractions this was the best family picture we got :)...Its true of us so we like it :)
You can see how strong the wind was on our last couple of days there from this photo...It was nice to not be constantly drowning in my own sweat though!
One of my absolute favorite things to do is to sleep at the beach....I love falling asleep to the sound of the waves and waking up to the view....I would sleep so well if we lived on the beach (hint hint Adam). So, after sitting down for 5 minutes I was off in la la land and Goober found my phone :)
Then this sweet little thang climbed up in my lap and fell asleep too and my cousin found my phone ;)..I'm so glad he captured this moment, regardless of how foggy it is...I don't get to hold this one as much as the others so I relish anytime he will curl up in my lap!.......Oh, and I am not nude, my swimsuit is strapless.

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