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Friday, August 2, 2013

Our school

Adam had his first day of new staff inservice at school yesterday. He came home proclaiming his undying love for our kids education and gratitude that we can send them. HE'S HOOKED....I knew he wouldn't need any convincing...heck, he was already 99% there from just listening to me talk about my job :).

Speaking of my job, over our beach trip I got to see my favorite teacher ever....MRS. JOHNT!! I already had a love of art from my dad and two grandmas but Mrs. Johnt sealed the deal for me. I was 100% sure that I wanted to be an art teacher, and not just any art teacher, but JUST LIKE HER!!! She has written a book for first year art teachers and you better believe its highlighted, bookmarked and looking very loved in my desk at work. The great thing is that I have been able to keep up with her ever since graduation, even though she moved.

I owe a lot to this sweet sweet lady....I quote her all the time in class and I'm sure my students are tired of hearing about "when I was in art class, my teacher would....":)

The kiddos are all sleeping....we are getting back on school schedule...but we are also super tired from running back to school errands. This weekend alone we have 2 birthday parties, 1 pool party and the CIRCUS!!!

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