Sunday, August 11, 2013

Last weekend before school

We miss summer.....well mainly the naps that come with summer.

We had a great week of Inservice, as far as production goes, but as far as rest goes....NADA. Today we went tax free shopping and scored big on some new duds for Adam and his new job. I also bought tons of birthday presents because my children go to at least 25 birthday parties a year and I never have time to run out and buy a gift and a corresponding after today BRING IT!!!

We also had Ribbit's "Friend birthday" at a Pottery Painting store....she loved it. They all wore tiaras while they painted, chose different animals to paint, devoured cupcakes, fruit and cheese and then had fun watching her open presents....she mainly got dress up clothes which is PERFECT for her sweet little imagination.

This morning when she woke up she walked straight into our bedroom and said " Good Morning, I slept well, (then laid her head next to mine and said ) I don't want to ever grow up"....Adam and I lost it. We agreed with her and said " but then who is going to cook for us when we get old?". She said " no way, I don't want to cook!".

Goober can barely contain himself at how excited he is to start 3rd grade. All of his buds are in his class and he has had his eyes on Mrs. Myers for a while....why?...she gives out Dr. Pepper as a REWARD.....woooooo, rule breaker :).

Baby Boy is walking around like a wrecking ball, hitting and smashing everything in his path. When he is told to say sorry and give love he normally says "orry" and then bites you while he is giving you love. I think this behavior deserves our well loved phrase of "good thing he is cute". He has also started saying "bike" in the most southern accent cracks me up, who in the world is that child emulating? :)

Here are more pictures from our time in Alabama ...on to a drive thru petting zoo...the kids loved it, momma not so much!

We started out easy with this little guy

Yup, its an albino deer
I'm with you bud, I don't want to get close to that thing!
They weren't one bit scared to come up close to the car.
Some of them would stick their whole head into the van.
This camel threw us for a loop...Goober was ready to feed him but momma and Ribbit got scared :)
See how my hand is on the window making sure that it would stay up the entire time?...yup, there are permanent scratch marks from me slapping that button!
Riding the turtles
Do you see hot hot it is? Steamy on the bottom.
Petting turtles afterward

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