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Friday, August 16, 2013

I want to stay where you stay

Ribbit has been telling me at least daily that she wants to stay where I can you say No to a sweet little curly headed child saying that to you...YOU CANT!!! It always makes me think of Naomi and Ruth "where you go I will go and your people will be my people and your God will be my God"......EXCEPT when she says it right as we are entering her classroom and she wallers on the floor. Yup, waller is a word and a good word to describe what she was doing. She also says it after I have been snuggling with her for a good 20 minutes as she falls asleep and I slowly roll out of her bed only to find she is still wide awake. Oh well, she won't be this little forever.

Baby Boy is having fun at his new childcare house. He is usually sitting on a stool in the kitchen having a snack when Adam or I pick him up in the afternoons. He has been giving BIG kisses lately which means lot of drool....except when he kisses his sister which turns into a bite and big ole ruckus. With our new earlier schedule for school we have had to wake him up almost daily ....he is a good little sleeper (night sleeper....not so much for naps). He's also starting to use Mommy and Daddy for the right person...which is great for us since we both answer to Daddy as of lately.

Goober is loving 3rd grade...he tells me daily that it may be his best year yet and he wants to stay in 3rd grade forever. He is on top of his scripture memorization and RIGHT now he is in his room writing a song he made up. Its about how he wants to touch a star, NO MATTER WHAT. He sang it to me about 10 minutes ago and I remember one stanza " I would sell my house or cut off my leg just to touch a st-ar-ar". Now you tell me how NOT easy it is to laugh at that line while your sweet boy belts it out loud and proud to you 2 feet in front of your face making eye contact without blinking for the whole song?....its not easy at all but boy is it cute!!! I encouraged him to not give away our home and he said "no, not yours, my home without my wife and kids :)"....he's already planning!!!

Volleyball for me is in full swing....BUT, I had to make cuts this year and that is NOT FUN!!! I have never had this many girls try out but I had over 30 girls looking at me in a huddle on Wednesday morning. So Wednesday and Thursday they tried out and I am down to 25 now...13 on one team and 14 on the other. That is still freakishly HUGE for teams....especially since only 6 go on the court at a time. However, its so stinking hard to cut a girl that you love to death and have a relationship came down to effort and serves....I'm just praying that they all find something they excel in this tomorrow!!

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