Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Ribbit turned 4 today. She asked all day today " is it still my birthday now?". She chose Chic Fil A for dinner and then she opened her presents and was giddy! We already took the kiddos to the circus on Saturday and we are going to a waterpark tomorrow night. Her "friend" birthday party is on Saturday and she is looking forward to that as well.

I'm not really in the best frame to post tonight..inservice kicked my booty today....and I'm foggy.

So here's my post for my precious 4 year old princess.

Today my sweet little diva will turn 4. Ribbit, you bring more laughter, kisses, hugs, snuggles, bows, unicorns, and fingernail polish to my life then should be allowed. You are BEAUTIFUL , smart, sassy and have such a sensitive heart. Mommy and Daddy love you so much and we will be glad to give you birthday spankings tomorrow but no pinches to grow on!

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