Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Gotcha Anniversary

This week has been pretty fun....lots of changes to the Harvell home. Goob's room is almost completely painted....lacking some tough to reach areas. Baby Boy's room is fully cut in and is just waiting for mommy to roll on the gray and paint choo choo trains and Ribbit's fully remodeled bathroom is coming together.....Good thing we have Labor Day off!!!

We also start baseball and football this week, with mom already having 2 volleyball games a week and both mom and dad committed to a 11 week intense Alpha course at our church as table leaders....so the house is filthy and laundry is piled in a basket waiting to be folded.....ah well.

Saturday was our anniversary of our court date to finalize Goober and Ribbit's adoption. We celebrated with some time at Jumpstreet and a pizza lunch. Ribbit is finally starting to understand the word adopt....a little.....she giggles when we tell her that she didn't come out of mommy's belly. She also tells her stuffed animals that she would love to "dopt" them.

These anniversaries, although they are a very happy celebration for us are still very emotional and reminders to us that God's plan A for Goober and Ribbits life didn't work out. As usual, we spend a lot of time talking about their birthmom with Goober on these dates and every year he asks more questions and needs more explanations. This year he laid in his hammock (bottom bunk) while I painted his room and asked me all kinds of things like " will my birthmom go to heaven?, will my grandma go to heaven?, will my birthmom buy a home before I turn 18?, will I ever see my cousins again?". We basically talked about how his birthmom could go to heaven.....she did bad things but I do bad things too...salvation is not based on good or bad things we do but on our relationship with Christ and trust that he is the one true way to Heaven, to accept salvation. He said that his birthmom never went to church so we also talked about how church attendance, though extremely important in a christian's life, also doesn't save anyone and that his birthmom and grandma might just have mansions in heaven. He then said " well when I get to heaven I am going to make sure that my mansion is right between hers and yours mom" :)...pretty awesome thought for my little man. 

I also do a lot of thinking about being a mom on those days. I am always amazed that God allowed me to have these 3 stinkin cute faces call me mommy....I wonder who would be they calling mommy if we hadn't said yes to adoption. I also wonder how any mommy could give up on their kiddos, what kind of life would you have to be in to want to just call it quits? Certainly not a life I have ever been subjected to....but one that my little Goober probably remembers. Its such a picture of redemption though to know that Goober who has been told he wasn't wanted, has been forced to hug cousins and grandmas and mom's bye and load up in a car and was driven to my home and told "heres your new family" all at the age of 6.....but to now see this little boy who after I bought him all of his baseball equipment yesterday pulled money out of his wallet and said " here mom, sorry all of my stuff was expensive, thanks for buying it" and this same little boy takes money to church every Sunday without being asked so he can give some to God, and this same little boy gave away all his brand new art supplies to orphans in Haiti, and this same little boy prays for people and situations during our family prayers without being reminded. God has big plans for my little man.

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