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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Blog Neglect

The blog has been well as household chores :)

This past Saturday I spent all day at a tournament with my 8th grade team. After 10 games, sweat, fear, losses, wins and cheering we brought home a trophy for 2nd place....pretty awesome. Then I came home and basically blacked out until 11 the next morning.

The rest of our week was spent at baseball practices, volleyball games, school and church. The weather here is still pretty stinking hot so most outdoor things are happening at night, pushing back bed times and making for some crankiness!!!

Even though Ribbit started off the school year with a BANG...and not in a good way, she is now settling down and loving all of her teachers. She comes home singing shape songs and reciting the months of the year and talking about how Mrs. Young says we have to "act happy" and "not talk with our mouth full".

Goober is staying on top of all his school work, we rarely have low spelling test grades. He is also staying in the nurses office with wounds from his recess time.....something about jumping off rocks, racing towards bleachers and running through mud. His black school shoes are now brown, permanently. HE LOVES BASEBALL...his coach is playing him at pitcher for how and he already has a battlewound in the shape of stitches on his chin.

Little Man is doing well...testing the lady who watches him but learning all the time. He says "ocks" and "oes" every morning and can't wait to get them on. If he isn't first with them on then he bugs the snot out of us until they are on. He clings to you the minute he wakes up and rubs your back......he now has figured out who is mommy and who is daddy and calls us accordingly. He says "sorry", "love you", "thank you" and somewhat of a "yesmam" pretty regularly and with little coaxing from us.

Here are some highlights.....

This girl LOVES to dress up. Check out her new hat from cousin Emily, ballet clothes and mommy's high heel shoes....she walked around in this get up for 1/2 the day.
Out for birthday breakfast with mommy....Big Brother was at football camp.
I love this picture....we were playing in a room before her ballet princess camp and she is showing me her perfect form in the mirror. Baby brother is behind causing all kinds of havoc and loving life!
Practicing on the bar.

Here are some pictures of my completed summer projects. Before you think I went all crafty and learned how to sew, let me assure you I did not. I just learned how to use Sew Bond and spray paint!!!

Here is the play room before....we want it to be an extra Guest Area for long term guest so we got this day bed, put air conditioning in that room and decided we needed curtains for privacy.
I wanted to make Roman Shades for this room so I looked up a tutorial for how to make them out of blinds, using hot glue, fabric, sew bond and some time. Each set took me about 30 minutes total so for 4 windows I spent 2 hours and about $50 bucks...NOT TOO BAD!!

Here they are completely down...I went with vertical stripes with polka dots on them keep with the playroom vibe and because the fabric is double sided it looks great from the backyard too! We put down the soft floor and hung some pictures in that corner as well....the other side of the playroom looks like a WORKING PLAY AREA :)

and 1/2 way up.

I also tackled the back yard furniture that we got for $75 bucks off craiglist. There was nothing wrong with it except it wasn't my style....before
and with a little bit of outdoor fabric, sew bond, hot blue and spray paint...a new set for about $50 bucks!!
I went with black fabric with multi colored large paisleys on it to cover most spills. I cut the old cushions and just kept the thick bottoms. I wrapped them in the outdoor you would a christmas present , with overlap at the bottom. That way when the fabric is old or gets torn I can rip it off and re-wrap it.

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