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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Smart huh?

Adam and I think we are soo smart.....and then tonight happens.

We ( the two littles ) basically ran like maniacs ALL OVER the ballpark, screaming their brains out, crying over spilled milk (literally) and screaming MOMMY AND DADDY as if someone was after them. We got home after bedtime and there were still baths and homework left to do.

Hmmmmm...not so smart. From now on the littles don't go to baseball games on the weekdays....OH NO, that will NEVER happen again.

Goober is playing great, learning the game and so far his team is least I think so, I only saw 1/3 of the game...Adam probably saw less.

Baby Boy is GOING POTTY!!! He points to himself and says BEEP BEEP when he has to go :). Its almost too funny....when you sit him on the toilet he pushes with everything he has and normally only gets a couple drops out..but HEY, the potty is the potty and we are so looking forward to being out of diapers.

Ribbit is reminding us all of our when Mommy gets onto her while she is eating ...she will say " you can't talk when your mouth is full"...and then we I ask her a questions she will stuff her face and point her finger at me. She also tells Goober that he is "noring" her....ignoring, whenever he talks and she wants to have all the attention.

Our home remodel is going well....about 70% of the painting done....Adam is plugging away on the bathroom.....probably about 50% done.

Group shot from princess camp....where did all that personality come from?

Adam has these made for our anniversary..pretty sweet huh?
Helping mommy work on her projects..look at that belly!

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