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Friday, May 3, 2013

More Artsy Fartsy

In family news Ribbit has not been acting very nicely at home or at school lately. There have been cougar alerts, spankings and tonight she told me "well I am not very pleased with your behavior mommy"....which if it hadn't been said while she was in her ballet outfit while giving me her "mommy look" she would HAVE GOT IT. I'm hoping this is just her way of letting us know its time for summer. If not BOY DO WE HAVE OUR HANDS FULL!

Baby Boy is literally running around like a crazy man. If he hears an outside door open he hauls booty to it and starts saying "hi" and beating the door. An Outback Steakhouse commercial came on the other day while I was holding him and the minute they showed a steaming steak he went crazy saying " hot hot" and trying to blow on it.

Goober is my sweet boy. He has this thing where he becomes the 3rd parent. Most of the time he repeats our phrases to Ribbit. His most recent is "well you think you know everything then, according to my records", which he got from Adam. He also likes to greet me every day with whether or not Ribbit should be allowed to participate in after school activities based on her behavior that day.

Here are pictures from our in-house competition.

Wire Birds from my 9th graders..focus on line, shape, mixed media.
Do you see the OWL? I love the way she treated the wire.
Patriotic Penguins and Yellow Owls!
The state bird of Australia on top of the Sydney Opera House.....this student just moved back to TX after living in Australia for 3 years.
One of my ostrich.....this student is from South Africa and I could listen to her talk all day!
Some 9th grade black and white shell drawings. Had to use at least 2 of 4 different drawing lines!
9th grade Color work...Watercolor Resist/Prints/Paper Tiles/ Colored Pencil Elements and Principles
 Drawing Class-One of my 10th grade girls diptychs, using white and black charcoal
Another 10th grade girls diptych...she is awesome an incorporating words into her work!
10th/11th grade drawings of skeletons...telling the story of the skeleton (their life) in the shadows...charcoal.
10th/11th grade drawings of cheerios with spotlights on them. The one on the bottom right took 3rd place at State!

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