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Sunday, May 12, 2013

1 day left :)

Yup, it true. I have one more FULL day of school. I have to proctor some exams but for the most part the teaching (lesson planning/supply getting/classroom management) is DONE :). My kids have 2 full days and 2 1/2 days left and they are pretty stinkin excited too!

We are already planning out our summer...making playdates with friends, planning looonng camping trips, llooonng road trips, beach trips, camps and how to pack in as much fun as possible.

We also have to plan around Adam's NEW JOB too :). That's right...he was offered 2 incredible opportunities on Thursday of last in archaeology and one in carpentry/remodeling...HIS TWO LOVES!!!. He basically said "yes" to both and in both he will be his own boss.....Isn't God good? I knew something like this would happen where God would pour on the blessings and make us feel incredibly stupid for ever doubting him or his timing :). Even better is that in both job he will be working with other christians!!! I love that he will be able to do things that he loves and feels called to.....I also love that I won't have the pressure of being the main breadwinner on my shoulders.

Since tomorrow is Mother's Day I thought I should acknowledge my momma on here since I can't be home to celebrate with her.
Thanks Mom for teaching me the value of hard work and giving me a strong work ethic.
Thanks Mom for teaching me to use only my ring finger to put on make-up around my eyes.
Thanks Mom for always wanting my art and always displaying it around the house.
Thanks Mom for giving me what Adam calls "the desire to always go"!
Thanks Mom for going on all those youth/field trips with me even when I was a jerk towards you the whole I get it ;).
Thanks Mom for never calling me "crazy" for only wanting to adopt....siblings, older children and then a 3rd.
Thanks Mom for flying out to Texas A LOT to help my family and take care of my kiddos!
Thanks Mom for always offering to take me to get my nails and hair done when I come home.
Thanks Mom for letting my kids choose their "grandma" name for you and just going with it :)
Thanks Mom for being the first to call Me, Adam and all 3 kiddos on our birthdays and sing out "happy birthday" to us. We may be rolling our eyes on the other end but we secretly look forward to it!!

Love you MOMMA!!!!!

I also want to wish my Nana C. Happy Mother's Day...I LOVE YOU!!!
Thank you for taking care of me during the summer...I have so many good memories of you and Papa during those months!!!
Thank you for always taking me church, for always being involved in VBS, for always singing out loud, for always winning the award of "bringing the most kids to church" every year at VBS, for giving me a love for chocolate pop-tarts, for taking us swimming at night, for helping me get ready for Prom :), for making dresses for my wedding, for calling me during college, grad school and now just to talk and catch up :).

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