Monday, May 6, 2013

Cinco De Mayo

This weekend was FULL....but it was the kinda full that leaves you exhausted in every possible way.

We spent Friday night with our neighbors celebrating the end of his first semester of grad school and with all A's. They took our entire family out to eat, to a SUPER nice restaurant and splurged. WE HAVE THE BEST NEIGHBORS. It was a lot of fun and the kids stayed up late into the night playing while the dads talked (yes my husband talks his head off with our neighbor, i have to text him to come home :)...who would have thunk it?)

Saturday we divided and conquered. Ribbit and I went to 2 back to back birthday parties for her school friends. We normally wouldn't do that but they were both good friends and she was VERY excited. The first was a pottery painting party and she completely hammed it up. She had an audience the whole time and was cracking jokes, singing and being super sweet with the birthday girl. Next we headed to a Golf themed party where she played HARD (almost all of her class friends were there) and she definitely inhaled tons of sugar. Then she and I came home and crashed in mommies bed while we watched cartoons..she had a very good day.

Adam took the boys to the Library. Goober has been dying to get there and use his library card. Adam let him check out a lot of books and two dvds. It made his day. Then he took them to McDonalds to lunch (a treat since we avoid that place if we can :). That night Goober slept over at the neighbors :).

Today we went to church and then raced home so I could attend a baby shower. The kids ate lunch, took naps and then we all watched a movie together. We celebrated Cinco De Mayo with chips and queso and tacos for lunch. After that we walked up to the football field where we raced (several times), long jumped, skipped, kicked around a soccer ball and played until we were dead tired (parents included).

So we are full of food, full of good memories, full of friendship and full of love for our Jesus!!

I wanted to share a sweet email we got from Goober's Sunday School teacher...makes me so proud of our little man!

I was looking for you last Sunday when you or Goobers mom picked him up from the Jungle, but missed you.  I just wanted to to brag on Goober to you.  He is such a precious child!  There is a light in him that shines like a star against the dark skies, and I can see God working in his life in a powerful way.  I'm excited to see what God's plans are for him.  Goob is such a joy to have in class, and I'm thrilled to be one of his teachers.  He has such a good heart.  I've been quite pleased and impressed that he has worked to learn all of the books of the Old Testament.  He is the only one in the class so far who has done this.  I challenged the entire class to learn the books of the Old Testament, and as promised, I've purchased Goober a gift card to the store of his choice (he chose Target) to reward and recognize him for his work in learning the Old Testament books.  He is an incredible kid!  You are doing well with him.

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