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Saturday, May 18, 2013


We are thoroughly convinced that summer is long overdue. We spent all morning at the splash pad and playground and then went to get ice cream.....which is our normal summer day routine...sometimes we shake it up and get a slush :). Little man could barely crawl this time last year so the splash pad is soooo fun for him. All 3 kids wore themselves (and mom) out and most of them are napping now....except Goober....he and I are watching (me for the 2nd time) the DVDs "The Gospel of John" during the littles naptime this summer.

I wanted to document some cute things my kiddos are doing now.

Goober-reading your bible daily and journaling what you think about the passage or God in general. You love to give cards and presents. You have memorized all of the OT books and we are going to work on the NT ones this summer. You have already finished your summer math packet and we have only been out 2 days..YOU LOVE MULTIPLICATION!!! You have been asking questions lately like " well when I am 30 can I have a phone?"...."what about 25?". We always answer "no"....:). You have no clue how to dress yourself well but love to comment on mom's clothing when you don't believe its up to code. You love playing with our next door neighbor and got sad when you heard he had a virus. You said "well there goes my summer"....I think you think a virus last a long time. You ARE JUST LIKE YOUR DAD!!!!...Our neighbors share a mutual friend of ours and one day he was parked in their yard instead of on the said " What in the world does Steve think he is doing parked right there?"...just like your daddy would say :). You make sure that everyone (ESPECIALLY MOM) knows if something funny just happened and repeat it with accents/gestures and all. This is something that gets on my nerves when Adam repeatedly mocks the television and/or people so I think God is truly testing me with now getting to hear some "funny" things 3 times :). You think are the 3rd parent in the house and tell your sister to clean her room, stop shaking her booty and to eat her dinner. You also encourage both of your siblings to get in trouble ;). You asked me today in the car if I thought you were "Mah Churing"....I said just the fact that you care about maturing means you are :).

Ribbit-you always tell us you are a big/little girl. You are a big and little sister so that tends to throw you off. You are always saying "mommy, I just love you". You only eat things that are high in sugar and/or calories...except strawberries which you chow down on. You say your stomach is hurting if you see a future dinner that you won't like. You are learning to stay in your bed when you wake up in the morning until you hear mommy or daddy in the are so proud of yourself when you do this....except it means a VERY MESSY ROOM. You love to have mommy read you a book and then you read it back to her before bed time. You LOVE the song "My God's not dead,he's surely Alive..he is living on the inside, roaring like a lion" sing it and whisper it! You also like the song " boys will be kings, girls become queens, wrapped in your majesty when we love the least of these"...and you ask mom to turn up the radio when it comes on. You don't like for mom to sing along and say you can't hear the music when I do it. You have a very strong opinion on your clothes and many times you leave the house in fairy wings, skirts over pants, fairy wands and mommies jewelry......mommy has learned to pick her battles and for the most part those things come off before we get to school or the store. You understand that you and Baby Boy do not drink the same milk so you say that you drink "skin milk....yup skin" and brother drinks "formula" even though he really drinks whole milk. If brother bites you, you say " mommy he is eating me again" and the other night during dinner you started crying and said " I ATE MYSELF' because you bit your finger. You LOVE to dance and you usually fist pump...which gets a lot of stares and moms giving me the judgey look :)...i think its cute.

Baby Boy-You are doing SO MUCH! You can climb up and go down the small train slide at the park by yourself. You like to stop and give mommy kisses through the windows on the way up saying "emmmm muh". You say "mar mar" and march around the living room. You say "down" and point when you are done with meals. You say "saw bar" which means strawberry and you eat them NON STOP!! You know when we say time to go bye bye that you have to find your shoes and you immediately sit down on the floor for us to put them on. You tell everyone you meet " hi" and "buh bye". You gargle water when you drink it and smile while you look around to see who heard you. You tell your siblings to "MOVE". Since mommy points to herself and says "mommy" you point to yourself and say "mommy" too. You love your belwe and point to mommy's belwe too! You don't like telling daddy buh bye since he stayed home with you for such a long time....but we are working on it. You point to exactly what you want and if we try to give you something different you shake your head "no" emphatically. You will let almost anyone hold you but you get real scared of people with darker hair and run back to us. You still think all food is "hot hot hot" before you eat it and you must blow on it. When you hear the oven timer go off you run towards the oven yelling "hot hot hot" and blowing in the air. You love to push sisters doll strollers and your sit and push toy all around the yell at anything that gets in your way. You have your moments when you will cuddle for a while but those normally end with a fist to the chin or face and you giggling. You are ROUGH and love to wrestle! You have long curly hair and have been called "little girl" a lot lately....oh well, we like those long curls!!

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