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Saturday, May 25, 2013


Little (but oh so chunky) man slept through our whole Mothers Day Lunch...never flinched :).
Look who found Daddy's late night snack on the couch?....he was cramming them in his mouth as fast as he could!
Treat bags for our teachers....we love love love our teachers!!! (everything inside the bag was orange!)
Mrs. Diva heading to a "golf" party for one of her classmates!
At a painting party for another classmate!

Chilling in the car with mom before heading into a birthday party....on a side note as scary as this is we are sitting in the parking lot where the Southlake Town Square shooting just happened.....this was about 3 weeks ago but when something is that close to home it makes you think twice about going back there!
From a painting party I recently went to with my you see the H in the branches?

Showing off new clothes from Lolly and Captain before church one morning!

All of my kids look totally different when their hair gets wet....its long and straight and is always in their face :)
This is what grocery shopping with mom does to the little ones!!! Goober is up front with me talking non-stop....and I do mean non-stop!!!
Goober and his best friend on Field Day....we were so blessed with such a great 2nd grade year!!!! Now someone get on that time stopper machine...or else I will have a 9 YEAR OLD SOON!!!!
Meet the newest member of the USPS.....dressed up for Community Helper Day at school.

That's all I got in me today...been dealing with a migraine and nausea for about 3 days now....which was SUPER during 3 full days of meetings for inservice. Thankfully Adam came home after lunch today and let me sleep the rest of the afternoon...I'm thinking its this whole crazy year catching up with me!!! The kiddos said they had a great day though....DUH, I let them watch movies all morning and eat tons of snacks!

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