Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Uncle Chris

I'm going to post some of my facebook statuses over the past couple of days.

  • Last night Ribbit followed me everywhere, as usual, so at one point I said " what are you doing here?" Without missing a beat she said "What do you mean, I live here!"
  • While holding her barbie's computer Ribbit says " Um, I have to take my pooter to church tomorryo (yes thats how she says tomorrow), and then I have to pooter, because I need to pooter and when I am done pooting I will bring it back".
    I pray she never figures out the real word :)
  •  Can anyone explain how my 13 month old found a granola bar covered in chocolate ( something I have never bought ) , stripped off the whole wrapper and was walking around the house eating it while leaving chocolate footprints?
So needless to say its been FUN!!!

I also wanted to post some pictures of our time with Uncle Chris....WE LOVE HIM TO PIECES!!!

After a late night run to get ice cream!...just the 3 of us :)
 Chilling with little man....for some reason he loved beating up all over Uncle Chris!
 We took little man to the mall one day...he only liked this shuttle when it was still.
 Look at me mommy, I'm a big boy!!!
 This seemed to happen A LOT!!!...Uncle Chris pile on the floor!
 I love how tight these two are holding onto one another :)
 Everyone at school knew that Ribbit's Uncle Chris was here...she made sure he came to see her everyday!!! The female teachers (my friends) didn't seem to mind :).
 Love Love Love my little brother!!!...Thank you for coming to see us and loving on our kiddos!!!
PLEASE DON'T GO UNCLE CHRIS....we have a bedroom just for you!!!
 Adam wanted to get on the Uncle Chris love too!!!! I am a blessed women to have a brother and husband who get along so well and are buds!

P.S.- Chris's girlfriend, Micah, was visiting her family here in Texas that same week. Of course we hung out with her some too, so when she came to eat dinner with us one night, Ribbit was NOT happy. I bathed both little ones and when we came out of the bathroom Micah and Chris were cuddled up on the couch. Ribbit said " hey what are you doing??"...she approached them both slowly, staring them down and then pretty much sat on top of Micah's head. She slowly warmed up to her but you could tell that she had claimed Uncle Chris as HER OWN PROPERTY!!!! 

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