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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

On a roll.

My kids are on a roll lately....turning me and Adam into two crazy parents who are drooling from laughing so hard at their comments.

Ribbit (as she makes her hand into a gun shape and points it across the room) "Daddy this is my PEWHER"
We all just stop and stare at her for a minute.
Ribbit (points and shoots).."see, PEWH, PEWH,...PEWH (imagine the sweetest little pewh while she shoots)

Mommy--"ribbit who do you look more like?..mommy or daddy?
Ribbit----"ummm, like me!" "and mommy, cuz we both big girls and we are best friends and we love chothers (each other)"

Last night we were watching A cartoon where a little girl and her pet dragon always clean up her room before their next adventure....I said " look Ribbit, she cleans her room all the time". Without missing a beat, Ribbit said " but she has a dragon to help her so you have to help me clean my room Mommy".

Goober announced to everyone this morning that he had a made a big decision...he wants contacts. Geesh. 

Here are some pictures from our latest trip to the zoo!

Ready to go!! It was such a beautiful day...first one in a long time!
 The day was sponsored by a Foster Care Organization so our whole day was free. Right as you went into the zoo they had this painting where the kids could stick their head through. We had fun doing every animal with EACH are the best 3 :)
A typical family portrait.....some of us paying attention, some of us in our own world completely oblivious to what our mommy and daddy are asking us to do. Oh well, at least she was ignoring us for giraffes this time :)
 Playing with the elephant clue what made Goob pose this way :)

Such a good big brother...we watched so many animals that day..they were all out playing and we were in no rush.
My Big Boys!!!
Watching animals. At the point in the day Baby Boy was done with the stroller, Ribbit had turned her necklace into a belt and Goober was in the mood to pose as much as possible.
Riding the train to head back for lunch.
Not sure what was bothering Ribbit, probably the fact that I wouldn't let her sit on the edge and reach out to touch every leaf she possibly could.
The day was also sponsored by Bikers Against Child Abuse. These men and women were awesome...they let the kids sit on their bikes, served us food, played with the kids and talked to them about what they stand for. Of course my kids wanted to sit on every bike and immediately told them all about their Papa who drives a Harley and lets them play on his too :)
This is their creed and one of them read it to us and got choked up. I was very moved by how much they loved on our kids and the stand they take for children everywhere.    Adam looks stoked.

We took this picture right before the meltdowns started and we headed home. Shoes were off, whining was starting to happen and the temperature was going up. Overall though a great day of actually observing the animals and getting to all hang out together!

The next day we won a Steak and Shake giftcard (for family bible memory) and we went straight there for lunch. Look at my handsome little man rocking the hat :). He shared a milkshake with Mommy and Daddy and then told everyone inside Hi and BuhBye!!

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