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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter Weekend

Its been a fun weekend so far. Adam had to (GETS TO) work all weekend ...except Sunday so the kids and I have been having lots of fun all day Friday and Saturday. We hung out with friends all day today, went to an egg hunt , ate at Chic Fil A where it was kids day-free desserts and balloons!!, played with shaving cream in the bath, dyed easter eggs, finished our Resurrection eggs and the story Benjamin's Box--that tells the story of the Resurrection from a little boys view. We also ate at Rainforest Cafe. Goober took a friend and they loved every part of it. But, Ribbit and Baby Boy sat in my lap THE ENTIRE LUNCH. There are animals everywhere, fake ones that move and are somewhat hidden in the shrubbery. Baby Boy was literally ducking under the table every time something moved. There was one gorilla that looked really mean and about every 5 minutes he would go on a rampage, sending my kids into all kinds of crying, climbing up me, grabbing every part of my was quite hysterical. I tried to block their view of that darned gorilla but you know how you HAVE to look at the scary movie, well they HAD to look. Ribbit hasn't stopped talking about may be a scar for life :).

My (not so) little brother came in all last week to hang with us. I LOVE him sooooo much and I'm always so proud of him when he leaves. He chose to spend his Spring Break with us and he chose to hang out with my kids, wrestle with them, carry them, feed them, discipline them :) all week. I hate it when he leaves, it takes a lot of control not to cry, especially when Goober cries every time. I got to have some good time alone with him too and I cherish that....we are 8 years apart and I worried that he would hate me after all of that torture I put him through when I would babysit him. But now, since we are both older and both love Jesus we have sooo much in common and he makes me feel like I good mom.....through words and actions. I JUST LOVE HIM!!!

1 cute thing that Ribbit has been doing is that she wants me to name her food before she eats it. It started with Teddy Grahams, I would say "you are eating Sally" and she would laugh. But now we name everything, goldfish, individual raviolis, boiled eggs, chips.....I'm running out of names :).

Baby Boy says "HIII DADTY" to everyone!! He waves with the cutest grin and carries his favorite blanket around with him everywhere!

1 cute thing about Goober...he still has no clue that he says "HeyMan" at the end of every prayer. He totally thinks that is what everyone is saying...and with our southern accent I am not quite sure he will every figure it out. He also says "that thing goes 50 miles PRE hour". It wouldn't be so funny except that he is really into how fast cheetahs run right now. So everytime we drive he compares it to a cheetah's speed and so he says "pre hour" about 50 times a day. However, he thinks its incredibly funny that Ribbit says " laub" instead of law. He picks on her about it and gives me this look like " i'll let her say it wrong mom" whenever she says it. It really comical and I have threatened Adam multiple times when he tries to correct either one of them :)...let them stay small and cute as long as possible PUHLEASE!!!

Dying easter eggs...they actually looked pretty good! Then we ate them all!

He had no interest in collecting eggs. He found one, opened it and played with the bouncy ball inside the rest of the egg hunt!

Playing at Chic Fil A....Look Mommy, we are getting along!!!

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