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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Artsy Fartsy

Well, we wore them children out today!

Once again we went to a free event for Adoptive/Foster Families put on by a local church. It was outside and the weather couldn't have been better. They had at least 8 bounce houses, free hot dogs, brownies, cotton candy, snow cones, popcorn and drinks. They had face painting, nail painting, games, picture booths and music :). The best and sweetest part is that they had valet parking and they washed our car while we went and had fun. All three kids bounced for 3 straight hours...and all 3 kids had tons of sugar :). Then we went to Central Market and got some veggies to make us feel like better parents :). After dinner we went to a baseball field where Adam and Goober practiced batting while Mommy and the two little ones found sand pit and had fun! They are all CONKED out and we may get to sleep in until 7:30!!!!....this morning Adam let me sleep in since I was up most of the night and at 7:45 Ribbit got in my face and said "WHAT DAY ARE YOU GOING TO WAKE UP?"....hahahahahhahaha.

Here are some more pictures of my fabulous kiddos artwork from this past year. I am slowly sending it all home now that competition season is over and I wanted to document it for future ideas and because I'm pretty dern proud of these sweet boys and girls!

Now, teachers don't have favorites....but this girl ranks pretty dagum high!! She wrote me a note as a 6th grader that is just the most sweet and encouraging words to a teacher ever. I carry it in my purse to read on those days when teaching kinda stinks (which isn't very many :). Now she is a 7th grader and a very talented one at that. This is her "Pointillism" painting and her clay mandala. We couldn't decided on which one to enter into the competition so I took this picture and let a 3rd party decide :)
This is by a sweet 7th grade girl who loves all things camo and including archery.
Momma and Baby Narwhal. As you can tell we talked about gradations with colors before as well and they had to do one in the background of their painting. They then applied all other paint with a Q-tip.
Isn't this one awesome? She is a new student this year but has TONS of talent!!!
This owl is one of my favorites, not because of the technical skill but because of just how much it reminds me of the sweet 7th grade girl who made it :)
These "finding Nemos" were done by a cute little 7th grade boy who has all the little girls wrapped around his finger :)
I'm not sure how to flip this slow I know....but this is done by one of my students who picks up any medium and creates a MASTERPIECE. All of his siblings are the same way and most of the time they win our in-house art competitions!
This is done by one of the wittiest 7th grade boys I know. He doesn't talk much but when he does its always a zing. He took 1st place with this painting at our in-house competition on Gallery Night!

Moving onto our clay mandalas. We discussed how mandalas are usually narrative and tell a story. They had to create one out of clay and show a story or tell a cycle. This first one CRACKS me up....I had no idea what this student was doing when she started by making a clay toilet...but now you can totally see its the life cycle of a fish :).

Can you see the lifecycle of a bird? ...overlook my dirty desk!!
Life cycle of a turtle.
AND this by far is the best piece of artwork EVER. Ribbit made this for his teacher's daughter who just had surgery on her ACL. He walked out of his room with this and I about cried...its just so sweet, with Jesus healing her leg!

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