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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Post Overload

Today is a good day. Today is the first day in the past several weeks that Adam and I have both been home together with the kids for more than 1 hour. No lie. He leaves for work the minute I get home and then we usually talk to each other for about 30 minutes before going to sleep. We do see each other at church on Wednesdays but we can't talk because that would be rude :). So, therefore, this mommy and daddy have been way too tired to blog. Until today!!! So with that being said I wanted to upload as many things as I could tonight since I know come Monday we will be back to our "not so my favorite" work schedule. Please join my in praying that Adam would get a DAY JOB. We are soooo pleased that God has blessed him with all these recent clients but working a full time job, plus doing dinner, bath, ballet lessons and bath time all by myself is not as much FUN as it sounds :). Here are some pictures from Easter!

The kids official picture...check out Baby Boy's black eye.It was still healing from surgery.
Please tell me that I am not the only mom who on the way home from church looks around the van and notices that everyone is still in their original clothes, without stains, is somewhat pleasant, realizes she already has lunch going in the crockpot and immediately proclaims " NO ONE GO INSIDE, DO NOT TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES, HEAD TO THE PORCH FOR A PICTURE". She then bargains with her husband "ill get the kids out of the car if you go grab the camera and tripod". They pull off a pretty stellar picture (Adam says we look like white trash with all those chairs on the front porch) and then you walk inside and realize you put all the food in the crockpot but never turned it on so you eat carrots, hard boiled eggs and bread for lunch and call it a TRADITIONAL EASTER LUNCH....true story.

Oh...and before I forget, Goober TRULY believes that they have installed cameras in our school bathroom. He saw them putting in more security cameras close to the bathroom and a friend convinced him that they are watching them go to the bathroom now. He normally uses the bathroom at least 3 times during a consider that when I tell you he has been beelining it to the potty once he gets over to my classroom every day ;).

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