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Thursday, April 18, 2013

20 more days

We are COUNTING DOWN...we have around 20ish days left of school. The reason its not a solid # is because of 1/2 days and field trips. The point is that the end is in sight!!!!  I don't think I would be counting down this soon if we started school at 9....just sayin :).

I just spent the last 3 days in Art Teacher Heaven. Monday was Gallery Night where we celebrate all of our students achievements over the past year and display TONS of artwork!!! Its also an in house competition.

Tuesday and today we were a part of the ACSI competition. We took 39 students from our school and 20 of them places 1st thru 3rd in their category. We are some proud art teachers!!! ....However, I gotta hit the ground running tomorrow...there are piles ...LIKE HUGE PILES of sketchbooks on my desk waiting to be graded, and tons of pieces of artwork that need to be passed out to go home to mom and dad :).

Here at home we are busy planning our summer. The older kids are going to be doing some sports camps, princess camps (thru ballet school) and some city camps. We are also heading to see grandparents for a good chunk of time in Alabama. To top it all off we have rented a beach home for the week of the 4th of July.....its looks amazing, has a zero entry pool and is close to the beach/lagoon/nature reserve and grandparents :).

Goober has been busy working on his first large project...a diorama, written material and a speech. Every night we do a little bit more...however, now that he is learning cursive its hard to convince him to do anything but. He has filled up pages upon pages of cursive writing with pictures to go along with it.

Ribbit has decided that she is too big for momma to walk her all the way to her classroom every morning. I get to follow her, make sure she is in there, turn around to walk away and then she yells "mommy, 1 more kiss". We meet 1/2 way, kiss and then I am allowed to leave :).

Baby Boy is doing so many new things....almost running, like very close...its a little ridiculous how fast he is. He understands everything we say.."pick up your toys, shut the door, do not stand on the couch". He is sooo smart and is going to give both of our older two a run for their money. He will chase them, steal from them, yell at them, mock them and tackle them both. One of the cutest things he does is tell EVERYONE "hi" and "bye bye"...he yells it at you until you respond and then he continues to yell it at you until he can't see you anymore. He also hunts down balls like nobody's business. He can spot a ball from a mile away. He also thinks that the minute I pick him up he needs to find "DATY" and tell him bye bye :)...I love that he is ready to hit the road with me whenever I pick him up :). He walks into his room whenever Adam tells him its time for a night night or time for a diaper change or time to get on shoes to go outside. I am telling you, he is a genius, not even 14 months yet!!!

Here are some pictures from our recent trip to Disney On Ice.

"Mommy, we come to de Princesses with chothers (each other) and de big boyz had to stay at home because they are not big girls like us. Yeah, we love chothers. "--direct quote before we walked in :)
We got 6th row tickets...THANK YOU LEWIS FAMILY!!!
We had to get a crown and some cotton girls day is complete without it!
Being a princess is hard work....

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