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Sunday, April 7, 2013


Goober worked very hard to memorize this scripture passage. We did motions for it and he practiced his little heart out. I am so thankful that he attends a school where the Bible is honored and valued, where he is surrounded by godly men and women. I never, NEVER IN MY WILDEST DREAMS, considered private schooling for my kids...but in today's world its hard for me to think about sending him anywhere else. Not because I want to shelter him (well a little), not because I don't want him around unbelievers (but having a believer for a teacher is AWESOME) and not because I don't think that public school produces strong believers (i know several).....just because I don't have to "undo" anything that he has learned at school. I know that we have behavior issues, attitudes, fights and the occasional dirty word at our school, (and for that matter in our home as well...a dirty word being "farthead" or "stupid") but I don't have to constantly convince him that what his science teacher is teaching him is JUST a theory. I don't have to worry that he may be told that Christians are narrow minded or that Christians aren't FUN :). I will do that, I will reinforce those beliefs at my home since its my job.....but I don't have too...ahhh, Thank you Jesus.

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