Friday, June 15, 2012


We are staying busy busy busy here at my parents home.
Goober has been going to a 4 day camp that my mom's work, the sheriff office, puts on every summer. Its a really neat camp and he loves going and seeing what police do and being with his CC. I have pictures to post but so far he has been able to watch a "real" arrest, meet the drug dogs, the posse horses, wear drunk goggle, wear feet and handcuffs, be restrained, wear safety vest. He has heard about internet safety, the harmful effects of tabacco and alcohol and drugs and has had the best time doing so. Today they took them bowling so we went up there and hung out some in the afternoon. Tomorrow is a field day and then Saturday is a big family day with food and awards.

We also have been busy going to Papa's work to eat lunch with him and tour the press room. We met Uncle Chris at work today and Ribbit made sure to rearrange all the vitmans on every shelf. We have seen my grandpa, their great granddad every day and taken him lots of hershey bars and cokes. We have visited all the ladies that my mom works with and they ooohhhed and ahhheed over all of my sweet children.

Tomorrow we are hanging out with Uncle Chris and my Aunt Robin for lunch and then getting ready for their birthday party here at my parents. Ribbit cannot stop talking about her birthday and has asked to eat a cupcake every single day.

The best part so far has been the morning naps Adam and I have been able to take most mornings...making up for the late night, early morning feedings baby boy has been demanding :)

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