Sunday, June 3, 2012

Busy Weekend

Yesterday was Goober's last day at football camp. He won the " Most Enthusiastic" and "Best Tackler" award. I was very proud of him and he had so much fun all week long. After camp we headed out to our friends home who basically live on a farm. The kids spent the afternoon petting horses, sheep, pigs, ducks, goats and puppies. There were three families there total with 4 older kids and 4 babies. Needless to say it was busy. Then we ate a late lunch together and visited some. When we got home at 3 all the kids went down for a nap....and little one slept for 45 minutes before getting hungry. This means that mom and dad got little naps too :).
Today mom and Goober spent the entire day at Sonic helping with a fundraiser. My 7th and 8th graders pledged to give $600 to the Sower of Seeds ministry which fights human trafficking. We served for 7 hours and all the tips we made went towards our ministry. At the end of the day we made over $1000 in tips and my students were so happy! Goober did so well holding the doors for people as we walked out with the food. Being a waitress is  hard work, especially when you don't sit down all day and run like a crazy woman during Sonic's happy hour :).

Cuteness Warning...the next two videos will make your cheeks hurt from smiling so much!!!
I just can't take enough pictures of this sweet face :)
 I'm one cute guy!
 I look so little in my big boy bed!!
 Conked out again at the Splash Pad....with my mohawk of course!
 Fun with our neighbors at the splash pad!
 Smiley, Smiley!

 They had so much fun with water balloons!
 Look mom, I can stuff 15 chips in my mouth!
 Ribbit and "her Jadah"!
 probably bossing "her Jadah" around :)

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