Friday, June 1, 2012

My Funny Children

Yesterday was a great day.
We did football camp, grocery shopping, momma got her nails done during naptime, we went to the splash pad with our neighbors, we ate dinner and then I had my last bible study until August.
Last night was hilarious. It thunderstormed like none other and the two older kids were in and out of our room. Goober eventually got tired of being in our bed and went back to his own room. Ribbit wanted me in her bed so we laid there and every time it would thunder she would say " rain rain go daway, come dagain anoder day" and shake her fist. When it thundered again she would say " da rain not listen to me first time". I finally thought she was asleep but she put her head as close as she could to mine and said " momma, you not touch my stuff, okay?". I died laughing. Today out on the porch she and I were sharing an apple and she said " excuse me", looked down at an ant on her toy camera and said " get off my toy bug". She is just so bossy. I laugh 80% of the time and get on to her the rest :).
This morning when I dropped off Goober at football camp another mom told me that she stayed yesterday to watch the whole thing and that he put forth the most effort out of any other little boy. I have been going to watch the last few minutes each day and I have been impressed at how far he has come in showing good sportsmanship, especially when he loses. We have been doing a christian character trait each night at dinner, we discuss what that trait is, a scripture that applies and how we can show that to others. The next night we award whichever child did their best at portraying that trait in the last 24 hours with praise and that card goes to them. Sometimes both kids get it, sometimes neither and sometimes one or the other. Goober did so well at Thankfulness and Respect....we were smothered in hugs and gratitude both days :).
Baby Boy is still a joy. He is smiling, laughing and flirting. He loves to take a bath and he loves mirrors. He is pulling on his taggie blankets and is laying on his tummy for about 20 minutes at a time. My mom got him a nightlight, that shows a picture on the ceiling and sings songs and he falls asleep to it almost everytime. He laughs along with it and when the timer is up he is out. He is in the nursery now and is doing well...but he looks so little in that big ole crib.

Our garden is coming in well....Adam gets excited everytime he goes out :).

Someone decided to dress herself this morning :)

 Cuddle time after shower
 Time to go to the splash pad...looking good!
 And this is what we do at the splash pad...conk out every time!
 Someone found herself under the big bucket when it dropped full of water, it pushed her to the ground and she screamed. I was crying from laughing so hard by the time I got to her. She was okay within minutes and I snapped this crazy picture of her hair .
 I sleep so well because mommy puts a fan on me :)
 Playing on the playground afterwards.
 We sure do love to swing!

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