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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Picture Catch Up

I finally got on my own computer and got my pictures downloaded.

Today we spent all day at the beach with Uncle Chris. Baby boy did awesome, took a nap under the umbrella and watched his siblings play and play. Goober surfed with dad and Uncle Chris and then threw the football around. Ribbit loved loved loved everything about the sand...and it showed. We ended up stripping her down and sticking her underneath the showers before getting in the car but she needed another one when she got home. She also threw a clump of sand of baby brothers face about 5 mins after we arrived. Later on today she said " Mommy, I didn't mean to throw the sand in his eyes"....really? is she only two? She spit out that sentence and I was floored. The other day at their birthday part Adam refused to give them pinches to grow on because he doesn't want them to grow anymore..I AGREE!!!

Goober at camp....being put in the restraint chair.
 Walking around in the drunk goggles.
 Being handcuffed and footcuffed (is that what you say?...footcuffed?)
Sunday afternoon nap with Uncle Chris. One of my favorites
  Bowling with Daddy! She beat us all !
 This guy loves bowling....he was on pins and needles the whole time!
 See my awesome bowling shoes?
 I love my Uncle Chris and he loves me!
 We love our Papa and his Harley!!! Papa and Goober go on long rides together...they say they are just going to the gas station or the pharmacy but don't come back for an hour and so and arrive with root beers and candy!!!

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