Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More Pictures

Here are some more pictures from our road trip!

At the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Foley.

We got to walk inside a hot air balloon being blown up....Ribbit wasn't too sure about it in there.

 Getting in a basket with Daddy.
 They both had to sit on every single tractor there.....free fun!
 The air balloons starting to get full and almost ready for take off.
 At this point Ribbit had spotted the Smoky the Bear balloon and it had freaked her out...from there on out she clung to me and would scream at the balloon to go away while she screamed at me that she wanted to leave.
 She wouldn't even stand by CC for a picture by herself :)
 I can kinda see how this would freak out a 2 year old :)

 He thought it was really neat.
 This happens about 50 times a day...sometimes we have to ask him to get off baby boy because it gets to be a little suffocating, but it sure is sweet.
 He went over and talked to the people riding in this balloon at least 5 times, he eventually brought us back their business card :)
 We got to see this dragon be blown up from beginning to end....this didn't scare Ribbit at all.
 Twinkling their lights at night.
 On our way back to the car.

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