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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pretty Good News

We had a triple whammy today...8-12 at VBS, 2-3 CPS visit and at 5 a surprise attorney visit...Baby boy's attorney.
Our CPS worker was so surprised at how big baby boy is. She loved his new nursery and had some information for us that is great for us/bad for birth parents. It's so weird being so happy that you have a better chance at keeping the son you have raised for over 3 months now but knowing that somewhere the women who birthed him is dealing with the fact that she probably won't parent him. As christians it stinks even more to know that she is looking to other things to fill whatever void is in her life. I never felt such mixed emotions towards someone I have never met. Loving her for giving me my family, worrying that someday she may try to sabotage their lives, being angry for past hurt she has caused them and praying for her salvation at the cost that it may trigger a closer relationship with my kiddos (and us) later on. I almost feel like a coward hiding behind CPS and lawyers and an adoption agency when so many of my other friends have open adoptions and are more than willing to share their lives with the birth parents, knowing the risks involved.
Sooo then baby boy's attorney came by--with little notice and boy was that not at all like we pictured. From what we knew of her she was not on our side. She stood no chance against Ribbit and Goober though who charmed her from the minute she pulled into our driveway...thats right before she hit the door. Ribbit loved on her, talked to her, bossed her, made her lay in her "princess bed" with her, made her take her shoes off, ride like a horsey, showed her birthday pictures and pictures of her papaw and begged for her child needs some help with the whole " stranger danger " deal. The attorney was also shocked at how big Mr. man is.....she showed me pictures of him coming home from the hospital and we laughed at Goober's reaction when he compared the two :). She also gave us "great for us/bad for them" information and updates on both mom and dad's lives. She loved all over us and spoke encouraging words.
So even though its not 100% that we will get to keep baby boy it is a step in the right direction and it does take a huge weight off of my shoulders. Therefore we are going to start heavily thinking about a different name for baby boy, what next year will look like with momma at work, 2 kids at school with her, daddy at work (hopefully) and baby boy in childcare ---we gotta find that childcare :).

It was funny to hear Goober's imput today as we told both CPS and the attorney that we wanted more children (yes, we know, we are crazy). He fully agreed and said that he wanted at least 5 more siblings. Adam said "well then you are going to have to go to work" and he was okay with that :).

I have been taking Goober to the bookstore lately so to knock out some of the 8 pages (in Ribbit's words " HOLY COW") of summer reading. He is doing so well, taking on books that this time last year I would never had thought he could have read. He has read 6 so far and treating them like nothing :).

                                                       Football Camp

 The first of many " mom stop taking pictures of me" pictures :)
                                                   Balancing :)

                                               He is a great little athlete!
            He got lots of extra fruit snacks for winning Most Enthusiastic and Best Tackler :)

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