Monday, June 18, 2012

Double Birthday Party

The kids are having a great time here in lower Alabama. Friday we had a double birthday party for them and several relatives came.....bearing lots of gifts :). Most of them got here early in the day and therefore we got to spend lots of good time playing and being together. Both kids got to pick out what kind of cake they wanted...Ribbit opted for neon pink cupcakes and Goober wanted a cheesecake...which was quite tasty. We also celebrated my grandma's birthday and surprised her with candles and some presents.
My favorite part of the day was that my children were surrounded by great grandparents (3 actually), great aunts, 2nd cousins, uncles, grandparents, siblings and mommies and daddies :).

Saturday we went to the closing day of Goober's camp that had participated in all week. They had a family day and showed us what the kids had been learning all week and then fed us lunch. It was at my old high school and it was lots of fun to take my 3 kiddos back there. I saw many friends and the kids got to see horses, dogs and the SWAT team. Later on that night we went to the Hot Air Balloon festival. The kids enjoyed sitting on about 20 different kinds of tractors.....oh the fun things kids like to do in Alabama :). Then we ate some homeade ice cream and watched about 30 hot air balloons get blown up and leave off into the sky. It was pretty amazing....UNTIL...the Smokey the Bear balloon got going. That scared the ever loving snot out of Ribbit and she climbed me and screamed " i wanna go " for about 30 minutes. I had to walk away with her and she kept looking at it and screaming. The best part was that it never took off to fly so we had to convince her the rest of the night that Smokey was a good bear and was not going to get her. Needless to say she never left my arms.

Today, Fathers Day, we went to church at my parents church. Then we came home and my aunt and uncle came over for lunch and for some hangout time. Uncle Chris also came bringing more birthday presents for the kids. We handed out fathers day presents and then all sat down and watched the 3rd Chronicles of Narnia---well only some of us watched it, everyone else took a nice looooonnnnggg snooze :). Then CiCi watched baby boy while Adam and I took the older two out for a night of bowling. Uncle Chris went with us and witnessed Ribbit beating us all....yup really. We kinda forgot what it was like to be a family of 4, and what it was like to not work around feedings...we sure did miss baby boy though and Ribbit asked about her baby broder several times.

Some funny things the kids have been saying:

Ribbit- "I stink I gonna not yike it"....I think I am not going to like it---she normally says this about every piece of healthy food we put in front of her before she tastes it.

"Um maybe it not gonna hurt me"....she says this when she is worried about something we are going to.

She also asks me to hold her everywhere and all the the car, while I am holding her, she yelled it across the restaurant at me tonight as I stood in line to get a drink refill.

Goober- "MAM"...really loud and with attitude when I ask him to do something. He thinks he is cool and that it sounds better than yes mam.

"Mom, he just punched me" he gets as close as he can to baby boys arms and laughs while he swings them.

Baby boy is now rolling from his back to his tummy and back over. He is in love with Papa (my dad) and just giggles and stares at him. He is teething and therefore the drool is non-stop. He is such a cute little thing. He is sleeping better and better and he loves chewing on any and everything.

Finally, on Fathers Day. Adam, you are the best earthly Daddy for these three kiddos. You are their father in every way and they are super blessed to have you. I know that Goober thought he was so cool while he was digging in his dino toy the other day because when he realized its what you do he said " Yeah, I am just like dad". I love how you are soooo goofy with them, in front of you love them you deal with all the late night episodes we have with the two youngest and still wake up to get things done.....and especially how much you love on me in front of our kids...its the best thing you can do, to let them see you loving on me and not being embarrassed...I don't mind it either :).

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