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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

We haven't seen the sun since we got fact many streets in my parents city are flooded. The kids have still managed to have fun with grandparents though. There have been motorcycle rides, walks to the park (during the 1.5 hours of no rain but very cloudy time), swims in the flooded streets-yup with Jad, the large large white dog, church and lunch with Uncle Chris, dominoes with CC and counting pennies with Papa.
In bigger news Baby Boy rolled over twice yesterday!! I got the 2nd time on camera after recording him for about 20 minutes :). He finally got mad enough to do it :). He has been waking up at least once a night since getting here but one of those can definitely be blamed on the ridiculous lighting and thunder. The other two are sleeping well, as they now have Uncle Chris's old room to themselves. I have the best video of Baby Boy laughing as Papa launches him into space..super cute. My dad has had him giggling really hard several times, but when I break the camera out it stops, of course.

I also forgot to post about how awesome the ride was here with the van. Momma had a seat on every row, and I sat in every row throughout the trip. I held hands with Ribbit and Goober while watching Kung Fu Panda 2 (which is about adoption) while we were searching for somewhere to eat dinner. I sat in the middle with baby boy and fed him after he woke up hungry and then fell asleep there with all the kiddos. I sat in the front with Adam the shortest amount of time but we had grown up conversation as the older two can' t hear us from the back :).

I was reminded of a funny conversation we had with Ribbit while my parents were out visiting in May. She was going around the dinner table naming what color hair everyone had. Goober had "chocolate" ( she is my daughter and everything brown or black is chocolate :)). She had chocolate, baby brother had chocolate, Daddy had chocolate, mommy had "lellow" and CC had chocolate. When I asked her what color hair Papa had she looked at him, then laughed and looked at us like we were dumb for asking as she shrugged her shoulders. As we all died laughing (my dad is bald) she said "papa has pink hair"....she's right, its skin color :).

We have also been to visit my Grandad, the kids great, in the nursing home. He was so sweet, and sat up right away when we got there. He was all smiles as we introduced him to baby boy. I asked him if he knew who I was and he said " your my sweet heart ". Later on though he asked if I was my aunt's sister and he just couldn't remember who I said we were staying with. Finally we both agreed that he would figure it all out when everyone was together and he could see faces with names. It was a good visit though and I was so proud of all 3 kids. Its a little scary for them to go into a nursing home but they were obedient when I asked them to love on and talk to my Papa. They both were vultures when he ate the chocolate we brought him but he shared with them. They both gave him kisses and hugs and baby boy was smiling and laughing the whole time. I'm not sure that he quite understood that baby boy is also adopted....he kept asking when the last time was that he saw us and I think he knew that I wasn't pregnant then. We are going to go back today and then go get him for the kids party on Friday.

I'm posting from Adam's computer as his does better at my parents home so pictures and videos will come later.

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