Saturday, March 19, 2011

Playing catch up from Spring Break

Spring Break thus far…
Sunday morning we woke up and got ready for church. The kids had to sit through big church with us since we don’t know the workers at my parents church. Ribbit did okay, she danced through the entire handbell performance and choir songs. She also thought the stairs in the balcony were fun. Goob drew on his aqua doodle and “whispered” to Uncle Chris. After church we ate dinner and watched a Disney video. Goob is totally smitten with Uncle Chris, while they were making a Mii for him, Chris would say “ what kinda hair do you want? Goob would say “ what do you want”? So now on my parents Wii there are two characters that look exactly alike and if it wasn’t for us intervening both of them would be named Chris…haha, instead Goob’s character is named Cam Newton. Goob and I went with Uncle Chris to work out and swam in the pool. He jumped in and said “ I forgot how to swim”. He is actually an excellent underwater swimmer, but gets a little nervous when on top of the water. Then we took the kids to Kangarooz….which is the best $20 we have ever spent. It’s a place with all kinds of inflatable obstacle courses and jump houses, and a separate area for toddlers. We played hard for three hours. Adam, Chris and I were all sweaty and sore after that. The kids were worn out and they had sooo much fun! I think that will end up being a regular place we visit when in Alabama.
Monday we woke up and headed down to the beach. We were overjoyed to see how beautiful the house was and that it had its own private pier and screened in back porch. Our friends Sam and Keith showed up and the four of us headed to the public beach, which is two blocks away. Goober and Adam did some surfing and Ribbit played in the sand with the toys that Sam and Keith bought the kids. Goober also discovered the joys of being buried in the sand, thanks to Keith . We came home, set the crab traps and fell asleep to The Little Mermaid. One of the great things about having kids is that we get to re-watch all of the Disney Movies.
Ribbit is totally in love with everyone so far. She meets no strangers. My dad has taught her how to say “ I love you” and she says it to him repeatedly. She is still pretty clingy to me but I honestly don’t mind that. She just loves the beach, she loves the water, shells and the sand.
Today was absolutely wonderful. We woke up and went straight to the beach. It was pretty cloudy and windy so we did some extreme shell looking. We didn’t go intending to get wet but we all came back drenched. Goober sat down in the sand and said “ mom, I am hungry for lunch”. I honestly thought it was close to time until I asked Adam what time it was. He said “ 9 o’clock” and I thought goodness, how it 9 and I feel like I have already had a full day!!!!!! Then we came home and spent lots of time on the dock, flying kites, catching “ mini fish” ( what Goober calls minnows) and keeping Ribbit from jumping in. After Ribbit had her nap and after the rest of us watched The Incredibles for the second time this week we went back to the beach, just the four of us. The kids played in the sand for three solid hours with their sand toys. They did so well. Ribbit ate some sand mixed in with her fruit loops and then a good ole hand full.
So as of Tuesday night we are tired, happy, the white folk (adam and I) are slightly sun kissed and glad to be at the beach. Goob and Uncle Chris and one of his friends are camping out tonight….we have some grassy area in between the house and the pier. There are soooo many funny stories from the last couple of days but I can’t remember them all. The kids are doing very well with their new extended family and Adam’s mom is coming down tomorrow to join us.
Highlight of my week-Goober is getting very affectionate with me. He tackled me in one of the inflatable bounce houses and just kissed me over and over. Every night he has also poked up his little lips and let me kiss him on the lips for nighttime. He also has asked me to start holding him, normally when Ribbit is getting a lot of attention and we will just talk and he will normally press his cheeks to mine and then kiss my cheeks when I look the other way. He is still having a little trouble being disciplined by Adam but I know that with his past he needs it.
I’ll post again when we have internet again. I am really enjoying my kids this week and watching them with their grandparents and uncles….Texas seems so far away right now and I know it will be hard to leave on Saturday.

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