Thursday, March 3, 2011

Funny kids

I have taken a small break from blogging for two reasons. 1) my husband needed the computer every night this week as he is presenting this weekend and 2) I have fallen asleep around 8:30 every night this week because I am exhausted :).
Funny highlights of this week include:

Goober stays with me on Tuesdays for volleyball practice. I asked him if he wanted to make a book while we waited between the end of school and the beginning of volleyball practice. He said yes but said he had to go get ready. He ran in my art closet and a couple minutes later came back out with a pair of latex gloves on and held his hands up like a mad scientist saying " now i am ready"!!!! Second, during volleyball practice he likes to hassle the girls, which they love. While they were running laps he stood at the beginning point saying " come on slowpokes, I can run faster than that"!! Third, during practice he was rolling around on this cart and all of sudden we hear a crash, look over and he is lying on the floor in front of the bleachers. Without missing a beat or looking around to see if anyone was looking at him he said " dont worry, i'm okay". We died laughing!!

At dinner tonight we asked Goob how he liked living here so far and he said " its okay, but I dont like the fake flowers :). Then he saw me documenting his day -which we have to do daily for both of them- and when I told him what I was doing he said " oh i know, day one I was nervous to come here, day two-we played, day three- i wasn't nervous anymore and I got used to y'all, day four we played, day five --dad and I built and today we ate pizza.....yup that sums it up :). Too bad he forgot that he has been here for three and a half weeks now!! Tonight when we were praying he prayed for each one of his classmates and their parents. Then he said , " and all God's children said HeyMan". I said "amen" to correct him and he said " Yes, HeyMan".......I had to run out of his room before I lost it!!!!! :).

Goober got his first behavior mark at school yesterday for fighting with a classmate about where they stood in line. We talked about it at home. Later on tonight though we had a discussion with him about cheating, after he cheated while playing dominoes with Adam and I. During that discussion he broke down and said he missed his mom. I grabbed him and told him to cry and tell me about her. He said he just missed her because she brought him McDonalds to school for lunch. I told him that I would come eat lunch with him more often but I couldn't bring him McDonalds all the time. He was fine after that. I think he isn't used to being disciplined and the fact that we do it makes him miss people in his past. Most of the time he calls his birth mom by her first name, which is kinda weird too.

Ribbit is just the funniest little girl. She is now saying please for almost everything. She has her babysitters heart and flirts with everyone. She loves pointing to people's shoes and saying " shoes". She is also blowing kisses at everyone now too. When I pick her up from her babysitters she yells " MOMMMYYYY" and runs to me....same with Adam. She still occasionally mixes us up and calls me daddy and him mommy.She also loves to wrestle. Almost every night after dinner we have a crazy time with the kids. We chase Goob around the house and jump on beds. I pretend to not know karate and do crazy jumps at him on the bed which he thinks is hilarious. Adam carries him around by his feet and pretends to want to eat him. During all of this Ribbit chases us too, just laughing and acting like she is going to grab us. She loves for you to scoop her up and tickle her neck. She loves to bounce on the bed with us. Its a fun fun time for all of us and keeps the kids from asking when they can watch TV or worrying about when bedtime is. It really is the highlight of my day...especially because I get to kiss all over Goob and Ribbit and they just laugh and laugh!!!!

The only other item worth sharing is that I spoke in chapel today comparing my kids adoption to my students spiritual adoption in Christ. I will post that on here soon as I think that its a very neat thing that God has revealed to Adam and I through this whole journey......the binding power of our adoption by the court system and how we are forever bonded to God through Christ....Romans 8:38.

Countdown to Spring Break -7 days!!!!!!

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