Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Monday, March 7th

I just can't stop looking at our family photos.
My kids are healthy and happy and for the most part well-behaved...i mean they are kids right :). Its so funny to me how quickly the colors of our skin vanish and I don't have those feelings of "wow, they have to be adopted, look how different they look from us"....i just literally don't see it. There are actually several similarities between us and the kids...and I know we may have these things in common with 1/3 of the world population but its fun to find things that bond us.
Goob and I are both disgusted at the thought of drinking out of anything but fridge water. He came home and told us how they gave him "bathroom water" at school. I feel him, in college my roommates always found all of my glasses with about 2 tbsp of water left in them because it either got lukewarm or I didn't like how it tasted anymore. Adam now gets to experience that great love, where I always need more ice and can't drink out of a water fountain to save my life.
Goob shares the same " distant stare" as Adam when they are watching Tv.....oh wait, maybe that is just a guy thing :). He also enjoys being handy and building things.
Ribbit is such a funny baby and seems to share our humor and laugh when we do things that we think our funny....its too early to tell a lot of similarities with her but I am still looking.

Goober is in love with his 4 wheeler and when asked what one toy he wanted to take to the beach he said his 4 wheeler and his dog. Well the four wheeler definitely isn't coming and the dog is from my parents and is about as big as him.....so thanks mom and dad :), the dog wins!! Goober helped me pack his bag for the beach and was very choosey over which clothes he took and which shoes he chose. He told me today that his favorites sport are "balleyball and soccerball"....translation " volleyball and soccer ". I keep telling him that his hair is like velcro because literally everything sticks to it. So the other day he stuck a ton of pens into his tight tight curls and said "look mom, velcro!!".
Ribbit just loves her bathtime. She loves to fill up cups with water and dump them on things....anything but herself. She loves to have some soap and rub it in between her hands. She also says " weeeeee " when you pour water over her head. Then she wants to get out immediately and brush her teeth. I brush them first and then hand the toothbrush over to her so she can suck on it, put water on it and then suck on it again.

Sunday we painted with our fingers. I thought it would be so cute and I would have a nice canvas with their handprints on it. DEAD WRONG. It ended up being a large black canvas and both of my children ended up with black paint all over them. My house became the canvas with handprints all over it and even though it only took 10 minutes to make our "painting" it took me about 1 hour to clean up everything and get both children bathed. NEVER AGAIN. I may be an art teacher but forget doing it with my kids until they are a little older!!!

4 days until the beach :)

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