Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Happy Birthday Ribbit

One of her gifts was getting her ears pierced. No tears, she was just so happy to finally get it done after we talked about it for over a year!

Y'all, have you ever seen such a beautiful child....I mean naturally beautiful inside and out?
I may not have time right now to post a lot...I mean we are in the thick of inservice but I wanted to make sure that my Ribbit's 6th birthday did not go unmentioned.

Like every parent says "its hard to believe". Personally its hard because she is still so tiny and she is missing her two front bottom teeth so she has a lisp. Its like she stopped growing at about 4 and we are just waiting on that next growth spurt.

Ribbit loves hard. She falls hard for just about anyone who will show her love, attention, pay her a compliment or agree that she is in fact a princess. She cries at 95% of all events when we leave. She is super social and wants to play with her friends and family as much as possible. She often tells us that "she just wants us". She can't put it into words just yet but she needs more time with mommy and daddy.

Ribbit plays hard. Her room is never clean...and if it is you better believe that a spanking has occurred or that I have given in yet again. I don't understand how one little girl can have so many rocks, acorns, small pieces of VERY MEANINGFUL paper and just STUFF in one room. She collects everything and its all precious. She could spend hours sitting in her bed rearranging her stuffed animals. She could spend hours coloring. She could spend hours playing dress up....and all that playing leaves zero time for cleaning up.

Ribbit knows that we are desperate for a Savior. She often will remind us that we are all sinners and that we have to ask Jesus into our hearts. She knows that we all deserve Hell and that Jesus died so that we would have a chance to spend eternity in Heaven. She is very close to making a salvation decision, in fact she says she has invited Jesus to live in her life.....we are still dissecting that but I know very soon we will be watching as she publicly proclaims her love for and obedience to Christ. She has shared the gospel with a car salesman, her friends at birthday parties and reminds mommy and daddy of biblical truths constantly.

Ribbit narrates her life and all of those around her every day. If she is watching me make dinner she will say " you just cleaned off that cutting board after cutting the vegetables so that you can cut the chicken on there and not get the vegetables dirty". uhhhhh, yup. She watches your moves and validates them out loud for you. She wants you to know that she understands your logic and therefore we get a play by play of all of the mundane daily tasks in our lives :).

I am so excited to see what God has in store for my little girl. She is repeating kindergarten but not because she is un intelligent...she just has better things to do with her time than learn how to read. She has compassion for all things furry, slimy and gross. She loves to dance, especially with lots of emotion in her face ;). She can whip up an outfit out of anything that happens to be clean in her dresser.

We love you Ribbit and the young lady you are SLOWLY becoming!!

At her Frozen Tea Party!

I had to take the opportunity to dress up with  my little princess!

Pink tea and beautiful face sparkles!!

Thank you to all the little princesses, knights and princes who came and helped us celebrate!

Big #6

Opening her presents.

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